A guide on getting a cell phone on contract from Cell C

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The Cell C online store has the options of HTC, Huawei, SAMSUNG, or OPPO smartphones available to take on contract on the Pinnacle price plan. And you will see Cell C has more SIM-only and mobile data-focused contracts than they have cellphone contracts, signaling clearly that they are moving quickly to being an ICT services company than a traditional telecommunications company.

Cell C cellphone contracts and price plans

The Pinnacle price plan has standard and top-up contracts, and the packages are labeled with how much data the chosen package has available for a subscriber. For instance, the Pinnacle 8GB price plan has… 8 gigabytes of data included in the package. The Pinnacle cellphone contract packages come with inclusive value, which includes a specific amount of data, a set amount of call minutes, and more SMSes than one would know what to do with are included in the package. The least expensive package, the Pinnacle 1GB TopUp, comes loaded with 500 SMSes! The data is often split into any time and night data, whilst the minutes are split into Cell C-to-Cell C (on-net) call minutes and Cell C-to-other networks (Any-net) minutes.

Cell C offers their cellphone plus SIM card deals only on 24 or 36-month contracts only, which is a strategy used often by telcos to assist the consumer finance expensive smartphones over a longer period.

The Cell C Pinnacle price plan

The Pinnacle price plan is the only plan available from Cell C for cellphone contracts. The price plan comes in mobile data-focused packages that are data, minutes, and SMS inclusive and start at a 1GB package right up to a 15GB package. The contract types include a postpaid and top-up contract.

We picked at random a really nice SAMSUNG Galaxy A02 from the Cell C online store and selected a Pinnacle 1GB Top Up package to help us assess on the surface whether the price plan is of any value. Cell C is able to offer its customers this cellphone for cash at R1999, or at a rate of R179 x 24 months.

Cell C Pinnacle 1GB price plan
Cell C Pinnacle 1GB price plan. Source: Screenshot cellc.co.za

We then looked at a SIM-only deal of a Pinnacle 1GB Top Up package, and it came out at an inclusive value of R99 per month. Inclusive value is how much a telco would value its data, call minutes, and SMSes that it allocates monthly to a subscriber on a particular package. We thus concluded that the cellphone repayments must be R80 per month and that a consumer would pay 80 x 24 = R1 920 for the cellphone.

SIM-only Pinnacle 1GB Top Up price plan
SIM-only Pinnacle 1GB Top Up price plan. Source: Screenshot cellc.co.za

How do you apply for a cellphone contract on Cell C?

To apply for a cellphone contract you will need to go through Cell C’s own credit assessments. This applies whether you are starting a new contract with them, you’re upgrading, or are migrating to the Pinnacle price plan. As a general standard to apply for a new cellphone contract as a new customer you may need the below documents:

Which documentation is needed for a new contract?

Generally, you will need the following 4 documents for a new cellphone contract as a new customer


  • South African bar-coded ID or smart card
  • A valid passport if you’re not South African

Proof of income or earning

  • Latest 3 months bank statements reflecting the applicant’s name and account number to debit, or
  • Latest official payslip

Proof of bank account

  • Bank statement showing applicant’s name and account number to be debited, or
  • An internet bank statement is also welcome as long as it has the bank’s stamp/reference number, and shows the account owner’s name and account number

Proof of residence

  • Proof of residence of the applicant. This may include a municipal utility bill, or any other official letter that shows the person/business name and physical address on it

Where can you get a Cell C contract?


Searching online for deals allows you to find online-only deals, browse those smart catalogues, and compare to ensure you are getting a deal best tailored to your needs. Find deals on catalogues like Guzzle or shop on Cell C’s online shop. The Cell C app will direct you to a browser where you will be able to get apply for a contract from the Cell C online store.

Walk-in store

Cell C stores dotted around the country have displays of the latest cellphones in-store, ensuring that customers can browse the latest selections of smartphones. A physical store also means that if you’re getting a cellphone through an upgrade you can walk out with it rather than waiting for it to be delivered as is the case with an online upgrade.

Cell C call centre

You can call Cell C Direct on 084 145, free on your Cell C number, and request a new line or an upgrade if you qualify for one.

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