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Afrihost’s Air Mobile offers its customers prepaid mobile data, mobile data bundled with a voice month-to-month contract package, and a mobile data-only package on a month-to-month contract. This offer is possible because of Afrihost’s long-standing relationship with MTN, where they use MTN’s network infrastructure, SIM cards, 3G, 4G, and LTE technologies, selling mobile data under their own brand.

Having rebranded from Afrihost Mobile to Air Mobile the Afrihost cellular company sells voice and data bundles. But, as Afrihost’s brand is essentially hosting and ISP services, the data bundles service resonates more with anyone familiar with their offerings. You may have noticed that Afrihost has Pure LTE, which, as a cellular network data solution, is best suited for home use as MTN actually “locks” your SIM card to one of their towers based on the address you gave them when you bought the product. The solution is called a Fixed LTE (FLTE) and you will have a really difficult task if you wish to use it at a different physical location to the one you registered with.

In this article, we will look at Air Mobile’s mobile data, which is the type of data contract you need when you need to use data at different physical locations.

Air Mobile’s mobile data options

Air Mobile offers prepaid data, a voice and data inclusive bundle, and a data-only mobile data solution. They are SIM-only data products and contracts that give you the ability to access the internet wherever an MTN network connection is available.

  • Air Mobile Prepaid – Buy and load data as and when you need it.
  • Air Mobile Monthly – A monthly subscription that allocates you a monthly bundle of minutes, SMS, and data.
  • Air Mobile Data Only – A monthly subscription that allocates you a bundle with data.
What you getPrepaid dataInclusive dataData only
smallest packageR10 for 100MB of dataR109pm with 1 gig included500MB of data for R39pm
biggest packageR279 for 5 gigs of dataR1519pm with 10 gigs included20 gigs of data for R997pm
does my monthly subscription data expire?Yes, at the end of the next calendar month.Yes, at the end of the next calendar month.
can I top-up my data?Top-up as standardYesYes
will my top-up data expire?Yes, at the end of the next calendar month.Yes, at the end of the next calendar month.Yes, at the end of the next calendar month.
Air Mobile’s mobile data. Source:

How the Air Mobile month-to-month contract works

Afrihost might not want to call it a contract, but it is a contract, only that it doesn’t tie you to a 24-month or 36-month long contract period. The Air Mobile contract is a prepaid SIM-only contract that goes on a month-to-month basis until such a time you or them cancel it. The agreement allows Air Mobile to charge your debit or credit card with the agreed amount monthly, or have a debit order directly on your account. Afrihost will link your card through the Mastercard 3D-Secure or the Verified by VISA card payment systems. Debit orders on your bank account may take up to 5 days to clear and Air Mobile will want their money before allocating your data, so rather skip debit orders if you want to keep connected. They also do not accept EFT or bank cash deposits.

The contract also allows for automatic top-ups, which are selected for you by default. The automatic top-up feature will automatically load data to your SIM card at specific increments once you go below a minimum threshold. Automatic top-ups are managed through the Afrihost app or ClientZone where you can select the following options:

  • In-Bundle Only – Your data will not be topped up automatically at all. You may still buy and top up your data bundles manually
  • Out-of-Bundle – You will be allowed to use data at out-of-bundle rates up to a maximum amount. You can set this up in Afrihost ClientZone as well.
  • Auto-Limit – This is the default selection. It adds bundles at specific increments and, as the name suggests, you can set up a limit as to how much you can spend or how much the bundles will increase.

Air Mobile uncapped mobile data

Air Mobile does not offer uncapped mobile data, but it is available on Afrihost’s Fixed LTE solutions.

How to sign up for Air Mobile

In an always-connected world, mobile data is essential, and you are not able to be at one place connected to your WiFi all the time. So if these deals sound good to you you can sign up for Air Mobile by:

  • You can have Air Mobile courier you your new SIM card. They will RICA this SIM card when they deliver it to you.
  • Migrate from the old Afrihost Mobile to the new Air Mobile packages.
  • Buy a prepaid MTN SIM card (Or use an existing MTN prepaid number), RICA it and register with Air Mobile using the Afrihost app.

To get Air Mobile services you will need to give consent for MTN to hand over your details and manage your SIM. Air Mobile will take you through this process, but it is essential that you allow them in order for you to get allocated data. You will also have to set up a pretty simple APN in order to ensure you’re using data to access the internet and you are not using your actual recharge airtime. Air Mobile will also take you through this step.

How do you buy Air Mobile mobile data?

You can buy data from Air Mobile using the Afrihost app. They will directly charge your linked card and load your requested top-up data.

Buy Air Mobile prepaid mobile data using the Afrihost app
Buy Air Mobile prepaid mobile data using the Afrihost app. Source: Screenshot Afrihost app

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