Guide To: Buying HiFi Corp cellphones

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You can buy cellphones online from HiFi Corp on credit or cash and they will be delivered to your chosen address. Creating your HiFi Corp online account is quick and easy, and an application for credit online is made easy with HiFi Corp offering revolving credit and installment credit. This is ossible because HiFi Corp is part of the JD Group.

Below we will see the brand of cellphones HiFi Corp has for sale, whether they sell affordable phones, their cellphone specials, and the process of buying a cellphone online from HiFi Corp.

Cellphone brands available for sale

For the month of September 2023 the following cellphone brands are available for sale from HiFi Corp. These cellphone brands are also known for quality, innovation, and affordability:

  • Blackview
  • Huawei
  • Nokia
  • Packard
  • Samsung
  • Xiaomi
  • Vivo
  • Mobicel
  • Itel
  • UleFone

HiFi Corp Cellphone prices

HiFi Corp cellphones prices seem to be aimed at the affordable-midrange cellphone market. It seems they have moved on from the cheap entry-level cellphone market as you will hardly find any cellphones for sale for under R1,000 save for a few Mobicel smartphones.

What we did find is about 20 smartphones under the R2,500 mark. These included entry-level smartphones like the 2023 Tecno Spark Go and Itel P40.

Best Smartphone Under R2,500

Tecno POP 7 (2023) for R1,999
Xiaomi Redmi A2 32GB (2023) for R1,799
Samsung Galaxy A05 (2023) for R2,499

Screenshot: HiFi Corp cellphones under R2,500. Source:

Best cellphones between R5,000 and R10,000

These smartphones are priced between R5,000 and R10,000. They are mid-range smartphones that do excellent duty with 4GB and 6GB of RAM. They will have very good cameras and functions like face unlock. Although HiFI Corp does not have a lot of variety on their online store you can call their customer care number below to check when new smartphones will be available for sale.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 12 Pro 128GB (2022) for R7,499
Samsung Galaxy A54 5G (2023) on special for R9,999

HiFi Corp cellphones priced between R5,000 and R10,000
HiFi Corp cellphones priced between R5,000 and R10,000. Screenshot source:

Buying a cellphone on credit

As a customer, you may choose to apply for revolving credit, or installment credit.
When you apply for an account with HiFi Corp you are taken through a credit vetting/assessment, where their systems check your credit scores and affordability assessments.

As with most shops that have installment credit the following are some of the documents and conditions needed to apply for credit:

  • Be 18 and above, with a valid identity document or passport
  • A valid proof of residence
  • Three months bank statement or a payslip as proof of an income
  • Monthly expenses to prove affordability
  • A credit life insurance document, or else this insurance can be taken through HiFi Corp

It is also possible to make payments using other credit companies like mobicredit and paynow.

Buy a cellphone on lay-by

You can lay-by a cellphone from HiFi Corp for up to 3-months. You can also lay-by a cellphone that is on special/promotion, with the exception of online only or clearance deals.

With lay-by you are able to pay for a cellphone over a longer period. With HiFI Corp they allow their customers to make payment over 3 months: A deposit, and then up to 3 further payments. This makes it more affordable for those who do not qualify for a cellphone contract to also afford a good-looking and great performing smartphone.

A lay-by is a smart idea for those who want to save buy a cellphone without a contract. A lay-by also allows them to cancel their lay-by and get a refund (minus a small cancellation fee).

HiFi delivery costs, and returns

Buying a cellphone online is becoming the preferred way of buying cellphones because of the convenience. You don’t have to leave your home and your new cellphone will be delivered to you.

HiFi Corp will deliver your cellphone if your total online order is R450 or more. So at one time if your checkout is R450 or more you will get free delivery. With more than 50 cellphones over the price of R450, there is more than a good chance you may get free delivery.

But for returns, HiFi Corp policy is that you will need to return the phone physically.

Contact details for HiFi Corp

Have questions about an online orders or to track an order:

Email HiFiCorp on:

Call: 0860 459 459; 010 211 1120

WhatsApp: 0661897747

The easiest way to contact them and get a response is through their social media pages:

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