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With its wide network reach in South Africa, MTN can serve fast mobile internet to its customers in urban and rural areas, all with their different mobile data speed requirements. With its rather quick expansion of the new 5G mobile network, its offering of 5G ready smartphones and devices, its strong LTE coverage that many rely on, and 4G and HSDPA coverage, MTN South Africa also has enough product lines and a wide enough product range for its subscribers to pick and choose how they will fulfill their mobile data needs.

Mobile data gives you the ability to access the internet in different locations while using the same internet connection device. This means you can move with your laptop, cellphone, or tablet, to a different physical location and connect to the internet using the data on your phone, mobile WiFi router, or USB dongle connected to your laptop. MTN has started to cover the major centers of Joburg, Umhlanga, Cape Town, and Bloemfontein with the superfast internet of 5G, and has left  LTE, 4G, HSDPA, 3G, and other mobile speeds to the plebs in small dorpies.

MTN also has 5G, LTE, and other products that are specifically for customers who will use it while in one place. Those products are annotated with the phrase “Fixed”, as in Fixed LTE and Fixed 5G. In this article, we will have a look at MTN’s mobile data products, instead.

What are MTN’s mobile data products?

MTN offers its customers mobile data in prepaid price plans as well as contract package options. You’re able to get mobile data on:

  • MTN Prepaid – A pay-as-you-go solution that allows a user to buy data bundles or convert recharge airtime to data bundles.
  • MTN SIM-only contract – A contract that allocates data bundles to a SIM card and allows you to use your own device.
  • MTN voice, SMS, data inclusive bundle – A contract with an inclusive-value bundle that includes an allocation of data bundles.
  • MTN SIM and device – A contract that allocates data bundles to a SIM card, and includes a device specifically used to access the internet.

MTN prepaid mobile data

With prepaid mobile data, a customer can buy and recharge their SIM card with data bundles while a contract customer will receive a monthly allocation of mobile data. Some MTN customers prefer to recharge their mobile data because they recharge when they want to and therefore feel in control of their spending. But what are the major differences between prepaid mobile data, bundled mobile data, and SIM-only data?

What you getPrepaid dataBundled dataData only
smallest packageR20 for 100MB of dataR109pm with 1 gig includedR29pm for 500MB, plus 500MB night data
biggest packageR999 for 100 gigs data, plus free 100 gigs night dataR1519pm with 10 gigs includedR499pm for 50 gigs of data, plus 50 gigs night data
does my monthly subscription data expire?YesYes
can I top-up my data?Top-up/recharge as standardYesYes
will my top-up data expire?Yes, in 30 days.Yes, at the end of the next calendar month.Yes, at the end of the next calendar month.
MTN prepaid mobile data. Source:

MTN prepaid mobile data specials and promotions 2021

MTN EverydayGigs promotion

EverydayGigs is a prepaid mobile data bundle that a subscriber would pay for and then get allocated on a recurring daily basis, but the number of days that they are allocated to a subscriber is different.

CostDaily data bundle
R291 gig for 1 day
R492 gigs for 1 day
R991 gig every day for 7 days
R1792 gigs every day for 7 days
R3491 gig every day for 30 days
R4992 gigs every day for 30 days
MTN EverydayGigs promotion. Source:

MTN Bundle Bonanza promotion

MTN prepaid subscribers that are on the Bonanza Bundle price plan are also having a great 2021 as with every recharge of more than R10 they will receive as part of the promotion:

  • 250MB WhatsApp Social bundle, available for use over 7 days
  • 60 minutes MTN to MTN night voice bundles, available for use over 7 days
  • 1 gig of data to use on the Ayoba app, available for use over 30 days
  • They can buy 100MB for R20, available for use over 30 days
  • They can buy 2 gigs of data and 2 gigs of night data for R149, available for use over 30 days

MTN mobile data contracts

The most important aspect of mobile data contracts is the cheaper rates, predictable spending, and the monthly allocation of mobile data. MTN customers can get mobile data allocated to them on these contract packages:

My MTNChoice

MTN made this contract package for customers who are looking for a data contract. It has price plans that have data bundles starting from 1 gig to 80 gigs as well.

My MTNChoice Flexi

This contract package allocates a monthly recharge amount, which then a subscriber can convert to mobile data.

MTN Mega Gigs

This contract has a bundle that includes data, minutes, and SMS. But its bundle offers more value in data than in minutes. This is the better option for an MTN Mega package subscriber looking for a bundle skewed towards heavy use of mobile data.

MTN Mega Talk

This contract has a bundle that includes data, minutes, and SMS. But its bundle offers more value in minutes than in data. This package, then, is not very suitable for an MTN subscriber looking to use a lot of mobile data.


For heavy users of data and minutes. The lowest MTN Sky price plan has a high amount of allocated anytime mobile data in its bundle, and the highest MTN Sky has an uncapped data amount of uncapped mobile data. Even though MTN Sky Platinum is said to be uncapped, MTN slows down the speed of the line once a user reaches a usage of 200 gigs of anytime data.

MTN Made For Business

For employees or SME sole proprietors who are most definitely always on the road and therefore need lots of mobile data for virtual meetings and connecting to the office servers.

MTN 5G mobile data packages

A contract under an MTN 5G price plan that will ensure users can access 5G speeds wherever accessible. To use 5G mobile data an MTN subscriber will need a 5G ready device, like a 5G phone or a 5G mobile WiFi router, and also have subscribed to a qualifying 5G price plan. Qualifying MTN 5G price plans currently include MTN Mega Gigs, MTN Mega Talk, and MTN Sky.

MTN SIM-only mobile data contracts

MTN can offer all its contracts without a device, which means you will have an MTN SIM card that gets a monthly allocation of mobile data and/or other bundles. This is especially useful for those tech-savvy customers who will insert this MTN SIM card into their Dual SIM phone or mobile router and use it purely for data.

MTN offers the Open price plan and the Top-Up price plan under their SIM-only mobile data contracts.

MTN Open data price plan

  • A price plan that automatically lets you use data after data allocation has finished during the month. This bill-shock-inducing price plan gives a subscriber the ability to do this by giving them credit and pay having them pay for what they’ve used at the next billing cycle. MTN may apply out-of-bundle rates on this extra credit.

MTN Top-Up data price plan

A price plan that does not automatically give you credit when monthly allocation has been finished during the month. AN MTN subscriber can recharge their data by buying airtime and converting it to data, or buying data bundles.

MTN mobile data contracts that come with devices

MTN may offer its customers a device they can use to access the mobile internet. This type of deal will mostly be a smartphone/tablet with a SIM card or a laptop and mobile WiFi router combo. MTN has for sale on their online shop the Hisense H220M as their mobile data WiFi solution. MTN online shop also gives you a device as standard (plus free stuff) for most of their 36-month contract period.

MTN Laptop Bundles

On the My MTNChoice packages, MTN has offers on a laptop that comes with a Sh@reLink H220M LTE Mi-Fi Router, which is a mobile data WiFi router. They are also currently running a promotion from December 2021 that includes a free gift bundle valued at R6599, which includes a Microsoft Office 365 Personal license, Bluetooth earphones, a laptop backpack, and a wireless mouse. The amount of data a customer can get depends on the My MTNChoice price plan chosen, which will be the mobile data they may use to access the internet.

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