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It seems that HONOR smartphones available for sale in South Africa are expanding into the premium brand smartphone territory, with the HONOR range of phones that include the flagship HONOR Magic4 Pro and the high-end HONOR 70 in the local smartphone market.

The current flagship is the HONOR Magic4 Pro.

We are pleasantly surprised because this is a massive leap from 2018 when HONOR arrived in South Africa selling the HONOR 7X (2017) and HONOR 9 Lite (2017) budget smartphones. The HONOR range of smartphones now competes for market share with Huawei and Samsung mobile phones.

HONOR is now heavily marketing its phones’ technologies, which include 5G, Solo Cut Mode for vlogging, and night mode video shooting on the HONOR 70 5G.

HONOR calls the HONOR70 5G their best vlogging phone.

If you’re wondering which of their smartphones might suit your lifestyle check out our guide below.

HONOR phones range in South Africa

HONOR phones are budget, mid-range, high-end, and flagship or premium-level smartphones.

Originally, HONOR was the cheaper youth-market brand from the Chinese technology giant Huawei. It has since been sold to a Chinese government-controlled company called Shenzhen Zhixin New Information Technology, presumably so that the brand can expand worldwide whilst getting access to Google services.

The range of HONOR smartphones that are for sale in South Africa includes these:

  • HONOR Magic Series
  • HONOR N Series
  • HONOR X Series

HONOR Magic series smartphones

A premium range of smartphones decked out with big cameras and fast processors. The Magic series of phones are the current flagship HONOR smartphones available on our shores.

As of writing this, we are awaiting the HONOR Magic5 series of phones in South Africa. They are not available for sale in our market as yet. Another way to get the Magic5, Magic5 Ultimate, or Magic5 Pro, is to request a special import with the local electronic importing shops.

The HONOR Magic V2 high-end foldable smartphone should be available in South Africa in 2024, with HONOR putting out the specs of this 5G-capable foldable smartphone on its South Africa site

The Magic4 Pro has the look and feel of a premium product, including a quad-curved screen design, a display with a billion colours, and a large fast-charging battery.

The phones’ colours are available in premium-looking colours, too. Including a classy black and gold design on the Magic4 Lite 5G.

Screenshot of the colours of the HONOR Magic4 Lite 5G. Screenshot source:

Here is a list of the HONOR Magic Series phones available for sale in South Africa and the year of their release:

  • HONOR Magic4 Pro (2022)
  • HONOR Magic4 Lite 5G (2022)

HONOR N series smartphones

A numbered series, the HONOR N Series features mid-ranger Honor 50 Lite, and the 5G-capable high-end HONOR 90 5G.

Most middle kids never stand out, but the HONOR N Series ensures value for money and great performance.

Those who want good looks to go with performance they may be drawn to the HONOR 90. HONOR has developed an image engine (the HONOR Image Engine) to create a suite of video and photo capture modes. These include: the Ultra Clear Main Camera, a large camera sensor, the 16-in-1 Super Lens, a 12MP Ultra Wide And Macro camera, and a portrait mode. These are found

The previous high-end N series phone, the HONOR 70 5G, was aimed at vloggers with its SONY IMX800 camera sensors, video recording stabilization technology, AI Photography, and by highlighting its best vlog phone award from Layalina, Gadget Voize, and Khaleej Times. We tend to agree that it is very capable.

The HONOR 70 5G N Series phone with SONY IMX800 camera sensors.
The HONOR 70 5G N Series phone with SONY IMX800 camera sensors.

Here is a list of the HONOR NSeries phones and the year of their release:

  • HONOR 90 and 90 Lite (2023)
  • HONOR 70 5G (2022)
  • HONOR 50 5G and 50 Lite LTE (2021)

HONOR X Series smartphones

It feels like HONOR updated the HONOR 7x in 2017, and then expanded it and made a range of excellent entry-level smartphones.

The HONOR X Series are entry-level smartphones that are capable and friendly on the pocket. They suit a consumer who needs a practical do-it-all phone, without the gimmicks and extra features.

The smartphones in the X Series will load WhatsApp, the full Instagram app, show enough details on the screen, and give you good quality video calls without the cloudy effect we all dislike.

All the phones in the X Series are from 2022 onwards.

Here is a list of the HONOR X Series phones and the year of their release:

  • HONOR X9a (2023)
  • HONOR X8, X8 5G (2022), and X8a (2023)
  • HONOR X7 (2022)
  • HONOR X6 (2022) and X6a (2023)

Best high-end HONOR smartphone

A high-end phone is easy to spot in a manufacturer’s range of phones. It’s the little brother of the flagship. You can spot it by its high price tag which is a few thousand Rand shy of its big brother but seems to fit so much into its price.

It has all you could want in a smartphone, but it lacks a few of the flagship’s major features. The camera is top-notch but feels like it has been restrained a tad.

It does all the tricks, and all the flips, and will perform all its tasks well. So, why does it feel like it’s second place?

You can pick from the N Series of HONOR phones the:

HONOR 70 5G for around R15,000

HONOR 90 5G for around R15,000

HONOR 90 5G (2023)

CamerasMain camera 200MP, 4K video recording, 10X digital zoom
Selfie camera 50MP, 4K video selfie recording, and an ultrawide camera
RAM and StorageRAM Size starts at 8GB
Storage Size starts at 256GB
Internet speed5G, Dual SIM
Screen resolutionAMOLED, 1B colours, HD (2664×1200) 6.7-inch screen
FeaturesFingerprint unlock, fast charge
PriceR14,998 from takealot
HONOR 90 5G 256GB Dual SIM specs, features, and price.
The best high-end HONOR smartphone is the HONOR 90 5G N Series.
The best high-end HONOR smartphone is the HONOR 90 5G N Series. Image source: X Corp.

Best budget HONOR phone

Budget smartphones from manufacturers usually are old technology phones that get recycled into lower-tier phones. The old technology is the old parts that are extremely cheap which are then quickly put together in order to not waste parts but are now used to increase sales in low-income markets.

HONOR, it seems, has not followed that trend but instead brought out some really good entry-level smartphones to Africa.

A great budget phone should:

  • Perform well in doing everyday tasks like browsing the internet and post videos on social media
  • Take good and clear pictures on a high-resolution screen
  • Because it is not intended for heavy use it should last a relatively long time (minimum of three years)

Disregard the old 7X and 9 Lite and rather spend your money on the:

HONOR X6 for around R3,500

HONOR X7 for around R4,500

HONOR X6 Dual SIM (2022)

CamerasMain camera 50MP + ultrawide, macro, depth
Selfie camera 5MP
RAM and StorageRAM Size 4GB
Storage Size 64GB
Internet speed4G, Dual SIM
Screen resolutionHD (1600×720) 6.5-inch screen
FeaturesFingerprint unlock, Face Recognition
PriceR3,499.90 from Legit, locked to Telkom
HONOR X6 Dual Sim 64GB specs, features, and price.
The best budget HONOR phone is the HONOR X6 Dual SIM. Image source: X Corp

You could also go for the HONOR X7 to take advantage of the bigger storage, and a bigger screen. But, since it is a budget category stick with the X6 which will do just fine for your needs.

Best mid-range HONOR phone

The mid-range smartphone is for consumers who are looking for a smartphone that performs like a high-end phone, has high-resolution cameras, and up-to-date technology features like NFC and 5G network; but minus the price tag.

For cellphone manufacturers having a good mid-range smartphone means you can access a buyer in the R5,000 – R15,000 market. This may be classified as the middle-income earner who needs a competent phone but does not want to splurge on a R25,000 cellphone.

A mid-range phone should:

  • Have the capability to play online mobile games well
  • Have above-average main and selfie cameras
  • Be a distinctive range of phones, with a unique look from the rest of the brand’s phones
  • Make use of NFC for contactless payments (e.g.: FNB’s Tap to Pay), 5G connectivity, and fast charging

HONOR has a few of these in its bag, and they include:

HONOR Magic 4 LTE 128GB 5G (2022)

CamerasMain camera 48MP
Selfie camera 16MP
RAM and StorageRAM Size 6GB
Storage Size 128GB
Internet speed5G, Dual SIM
Screen resolutionHD (2388×1080) 6.81-inch screen
FeaturesFingerprint unlock, fast charging
PriceOn sale for R6,499 from Cellucity
HONOR Magic 4 LTE 128GB 5G specs, features, and price.
The best mid-range Honor smartphone is the Honor Magic4 LTE 128GB 5G.
The best mid-range Honor smartphone is the HONOR Magic4 LTE 128GB 5G.

An alternative you can consider is the HONOR 50, but its price tag is on the higher end. The Magic4 Lite gives you all the beans but is much cheaper.

It is very competitive in its specs but can be considered more expensive against a direct rival like the Xiaomi Redmi Note 11 Pro which takealot listed at around R6,000.

Best HONOR camera phone

When buying a camera phone understand that it is not intended to replace DSLR or any other optical lens camera. It is a mobile computer that compromises space for the ability to put it in your pocket.

With the advent of vlogging, your cellphone should capture 4K video with its main camera and 4K with its selfie camera.

Another factor we consider is the sensor that the camera uses. This will allow you to capture crisp images.

Also, consider the ability to zoom digitally and with an optical zoom.

The two phones that are rights at the top for point-and-shoot photography and vlogging are:

HONOR Magic4 Pro

CamerasMain camera 50MP, 4K video recording, 3.5 optical zoom
Selfie camera 12MP, 4K video recording
RAM and StorageRAM Size 8GB
Storage Size 256GB
Internet speed4G, Dual SIM
Screen resolutionHD (1440×720) 5.45-inch screen
FeaturesFingerprint unlock, Face ID, fast charging
PriceR23,349 from takealot
Honor Magic4 Pro 5G 256GB Single Sim, features, and price.
The HONOR smartphone with the best camera is the Honor Magic4 Pro.
The HONOR smartphone with the best camera is the HONOR Magic4 Pro.

We are awaiting the HONOR Magic5 Pro in South Africa, which should take top honours for the best HONOR camera phone when/if it arrives. The scientific smartphone testing laboratory company DXOMark has pegged the Magic5 Pro as having the 3rd best camera on a smartphone in the world for 2023.

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