Buy cheaper Vodacom prepaid data bundles online or in the My Vodacom app

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PriceData BundleValid for
R121GB1 hour
Prepaid hourly data bundles prices. Source:

Are you still buying your internet data bundles using the *111# USSD code? Well, Vodacom is selling their prepaid data bundles cheaper online* and on their My Vodacom app*. As a first-time user of the app, you will earn 150 VodaBucks. If you’re already a user, buying bundles using the app will earn you VodaBucks as well.

Price Data BundleValid for
R5.5035MB until 12 am
R1075MB until 12 am
R17250MBuntil 12 am
R251GB (Just 4 You Special)until 12 am
R321.5GB until 12 am
Prepaid daily data bundles, valid until midnight. Source:
Price Data BundleValid for
R18150MB 7 days
R29300MB 7 days
R52600MB7 days
R731.2GB7 days
R1052.2GB7 Days
R1595GB + 1GB free (Just 4 You Special)7 Days
R1995GB + 5GB free7 days
Prepaid weekly data bundles. Source:
Price Data BundleValid for
R1375MB30 days
R32240MB 30 days
R53400MB 30 days
R74600MB 30 days
R891.2GB 30 days
R991.5GB30 days
R1552.5GB 30 days
R2594.5GB30 days
R3657GB30 days
R49912GB 30 days
R54918GB30 days
R71240GB 30 days
R79950GB (on special)30 Days
R999150GB (5GB daily) (on special)30 Days
Prepaid monthly/once-off data bundles. Source:

*These prices were correct as at 13/05/2024

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