How To: Use your TFG account to buy a cellphone online

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As a TFG account holder you can buy a cellphone online using your store card from TFG’s all-in-one shop, its fashion retailers Foschini, Sportscene, Jet, EXACT. In February 2023 TFG moved on from its brand,, and is now under its new online shopping brand named Bash.

Buying a TFG cellphone online using your account

About 10% of TFG’s sales come from online, and they continually want to increase their online footprint. They continue to encourage their customers to go browse their e-commerce store by putting online deals, while also improving their overall use of technology in-store.

Foschini stores has Click & Collect, which enables you to order online and then get the item at a physical store. You don’t pay extra to order online and pick up at a store.

Follow this simple process to buy a cellphone online from any TFG online shop.

To buy a cellphone online using your TFG account you will need to have 1) a TFG account, 2) a TFG online profile, and 3) a TFG card:

  • Have your TFG or Rewards card at the ready. You will need to link your card to your profile later
AN example of a MyTFGRewards store card. Source: Bash
  • Register a profile using Google accounts, or an email address and phone combination. Once you have an account you can start to register a profile on the Bash website. You will need:
    • Card number
    • Email address
    • Cellphone number
  • Link your card with the profile using your TFG Account or Rewards card number
  • Start shopping

The Foschini Group stores

The Foschini Group Africa is owned by the global retailer The Foschini Group (TFG). It started as a fashion retailer that sold fashionable clothes and jewelry, but has also expanded to homeware and electronic products such as cellphones. The South African stores under TFG include Markham, Fabiani, Foschini, SODABLOC, @HOME, STERNS, and The FIX.

The FIX, Foschini, and MARKHAM stores located in a shopping mall. Northern Cape, South Africa (Aug 2022)

As a business TFG has of course segmented their customers into different categories. It has value stores and middle-income earners focused stores. Therefore, the cellphones you see being advertised for sale at Foschini will be different to the cellphones sold at The FIX. TFG has segmented their stores well enough to even place them in close proximity of each other, as seen in the image above (The FIX, Foschini, and MARKHAM stores located in a shopping mall. Northern Cape, South Africa (Aug 2022)).

But, overall, TFG has a good range of cellphones for sale, and they are all available on the four major networks: TELKOM Mobile, Cell C, Vodacom, and MTN. These cellphone brands include the major ones like Samsung, Apple, Huawei, and NOKIA. TFG stores have recently added these latest brands: Xiaomi, Honor, and Vivo, Tecno, Hisense, and others.

It’s not all of TFG fashion and jewellery brands that sell phones in their online stores, but those who do they usually have them under their accessories category. And in TFG’s physical stores you will find the phones in a stand or cabinet display.

So, the more high-end phones like iPhone 13 Pro Max will be available in the upmarket Foschini stores, while perhaps a NOKIA C12 will be sold at Sterns. So, let’s look which cellphones you can buy at which stores.

Foschini cellphones

TFG is of course named after this popular women’s fashion store, which remains popular for in-season clothes and other accessories.

Foschini sells a mix of mid-range smartphones instore which include: Samsung, Vivo, Apple, Xiaomi, Hisense, Huawei, and Itel. But now from 2023 onwards Foschini’s online store has moved from the old website, and with it all the online sale of their cellphones has been moved and consolidated under the new brand

A Foschini cellphone stand in store. Northern Cape, South Africa (Aug 2022)

MARKHAM cellphones

MARKHARM is a fashion retailer for the middle-income earner. Their clothes are fashionable and relevant. It stands to reason that cellphones for sale at MARKHAM will also be aimed at that affordability range.

As with all other TFG brands, they have now been moved to, which replaces myTFGworld. With Bash TFG consolidated sales of all electronics including cellphones.

TFG cellphones and accessories

TFG’s hi-online has a cellphone brand known as the hi Boost Ultra cellphone. It is a budget phone but has modern features like a fingerprint sensor and a 13MB back camera.

The online store features more than 230 cellphones, with cellphone brands that include Nokia, Huawei, SAMSUNG, and Apple iPhone. The range of models is mostly for the budget-conscious, from Huawei’s P Smart series, and on the higher end refurbished Apple iPhone X and iPhone 8 smartphones available for sale.

hi-online also sells cellphone accessories like tempered glass screen protectors and covers from Bodyglove.

How is TFG’s Service?

To support its online business TFG has created a supply chain for all its online stores, where online purchases can be picked up in its more than 900 South African stores, and delivered to anywhere in South Africa for purchases of more than R500 (else at a delivery fee of R50). They also offer free returns and refunds, subject to their returns policy.

TFG Customer service

Using its account, TFG responds to its customers’ queries online quite timeously, ensuring that it can resolve issues through public platforms. TFG’s online shopping department can be reached at and 0860 834 834 / 0861 111 761

021 938 7096

Frequently Asked Questions about TFG

Can I layby cellphones at Foschini?

Yes, layby is allowed for cellphones at Foschini and other TFG stores. Layby for between 3 and 6 months.

Can I buy a cellphone on my Foschini account?

Yes, you can put a cellphone on your Foschini account. This includes any other TFG account. You can also buy a cellphone online and put it on your TFG account.

Does Exact sell cellphones?

Yes, but it is better to browse the mytfgworld website to find a wide selection of cellphones for sale online.

Does TFG sell cellphone contracts?

No, according to the sales assistant in the store all cellphones are prepaid and not contract.

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