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The Clientèle Mobile Network is a cellular network from Clientèle whose customers who registered as Clientele Rewards members will qualify for discounted airtime and data as a loyalty benefit.

Clientèle offers a sim card that connects to its cellular network. It enables its rewards program members to save on mobile data and airtime with Clientèle mobile network data and airtime deals.

Why is Clientèle going into the cellular network market?

So, why would a financial institution like Clientèle want to start a cellphone network? Well, acquiring and starting a cellphone network using the Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) model is not as difficult as starting and operating an actual mobile network, so it’s because you can.

Secondly, it brings with it much bigger benefits than the revenue earned through operating such a network. A brand as big as Clientèle would want to use its client database to offer a wide range of products, be helpful to them, and also retain its customers by being as entrenched in their lives as possible.

The rewards to loyal rewards members and the incentive to use the Clientèle app as often as possible would be the benefits that this company would want to realize as one of its objectives.

What’s available from Clientèle Mobile?

Anyone can purchase a SIM card from Clientèle Kiosk, a call center, or an IFA agent. The benefits go mostly to Clientèle rewards members, though. You would then manage the SIM card and purchase airtime and data through the Clientèle app.

Clientèle Mobile important contact numbers

For free assistance from any Clientèle Mobile number dial 135;
From any other network dial 087 825 1155;
WhatsApp 061 131 8004;
Emergency Services (Free from any phone) dial 112;
To check your balance: Dial *140# or via the Clientèle or IFA App; To convert* Airtime to Data: Dial *140#, then select option 2 (at the Network Providers rates);
To set up your voicemail dial 132;
Lost your SIM card? Call Clientèle Mobile on 087 825 1155.

Clientèle Physical Address

Clientèle Office Park, Corner Rivonia & Alon Roads, Morningside, 2196
Monday to Friday: 08h00 – 17h00 • Saturday: 08h00 – 12h00
Tel: 011 320 3000

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