Data bundles for streaming videos on Vodacom

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Streaming videos on YouTube and DSTV has become essential daily entertainment in South Africa, especially since we have been cooped up in our homes during Covid. You can buy a Vodacom video ticket and use those data bundles to stream videos on Hopster, VuClip, DSTV Now, and Showmax. You can also buy data bundles for exclusive use.

The best way we have found those video data bundles useful was when we were streaming DSTV Now on our phones because we could use a lower resolution on the phone thereby using fewer data bundles to watch our favorite shows.

Buying Vodacom video streaming data bundles

Convert your airtime and buy Vodacom Video Ticket for use on DSTV Now and Showmax.

Using the My Vodacom app

  • Go to your My Vodacom app
  • In the app tap on the “Buy” button
  • Vodacom Video Ticket
  • Under Buy tap on the “Vodacom Ticket” button
  • Under Choose a category tap on the “Video” button
  • Vodacom Video Ticket Data Bundles
  • Select and tap on the Video Ticket data bundle of your choice
  • Vodacom Video Ticket Data Bundles

Data bundles for streaming videos in specific video apps

If you’d rather buy bundles to access a specific video app/website, for instance, you just want to see a series on Showmax then you have the option to buy video data bundles specifically to access Showmax. The apps covered by Vodacom include DSTV Now, VuClip, Hopster, and Showmax. You can use the USSD code *111# or *135# to buy these video data bundles, but the My Vodacom app always has specials running, so use the app instead as the images show below.

  • Open the My Vodacom App and tap the “Buy” button
  • In the Buy menu tap the “Video” button
    • From the “Category” menu select the Video app/website that you will be using

    Showmax and DSTVNow data bundles

    Cost of bundleAmount of dataValid for how long
    R1073GB30 Days
    R1525GB30 Days
    R89920GB90 Days
    R159950GB1 Year
    R2999100GB1 Year
    Showmax data bundles. Source: My Vodacom app

    Moemedi Segoje