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FNB Connect is the telecommunications and Internet Service Provider (ISP) of the FirstRand Limited Group. And of course, naming it “FNB Connect” makes it feel familiar to FNB’s more than 8 million existing customers.

And FNB Connect is essentially a platform from which the group can connect its customers to its sales channels, with FNB account holders being able to buy cellphones, airtime, data, TVs, laptops, and other digital and electronic devices.

woman sitting on sofa while looking at phone with laptop on lap
FNB account holders can buy cellphones, airtime, data, TVs, laptops, and digital electronic devices on the FNB app. Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com

FNB also uses this platform as a loyalty rewards program, giving out data, airtime, and SMSes monthly to its subscribers. That’s in addition to eBucks rewards program!

Screenshot: An example of FNB Connect data, minutes, and SMS rewards. Source: FNB app.

The starting point for FNB Connect

FNB Connect is a business unit under the First National Bank that had the role of providing internal internet services to the FirstRand Limited Group. While operating in the telecoms and ISP space, it expanded by offering ADSL, VoIP, and 3G to FNB customers. It also gave customers up to 5GB of free access to social media and online learning websites.

With a large customer database and a trusted brand, FNB Connect started to compete for a share of the telecommunications market in 2015.

Starting off by offering its existing cheque account holders discounts on cellphones and tablets FNB Connect went ahead and started its Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO). The bank officially launched the FNB Connect mobile network in June 2015.

The South African bank started its virtual cellular network with two main offers: 1) airtime, data, and/or devices as a loyalty reward. And, 2) to sell digital goods to its extensive customer base.

FNB Connect also launched its own FNB branded cellphone range called the ConeXis, with the Conexis A Series and Conexis X Series being its major products out at the time. The cellular network has been able to develop its cellular offering to include cellphones, sim-only contracts, and devices like laptops and wearable techno-gadgets. FNB Connect’s smartphone in 2022 is now on series two as the ConeXis X2.

Screenshot: FNB ConeXis X2 series smartphone.
Screenshot: FNB ConeXis X2 series smartphone. Source: fnb.co.za

The responsible CEO for FNB Connect is Bradwin Roper.

FNB grows its digital platform

The FNB App is becoming ever more important for FNB as through it a user can buy prepaid services, which include electricity, lotto tickets, and recharge their airtime and data.

Regarding the strategy for FNB Connect, the CEO of FNB, Jacques Cilliers said their plans include:

…leveraging its mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) to augment customer value propositions, as well as to provide affordable
telecommunication services to customers;

Jacques Cilliers, “Firstrand Annual Integrated Report 2021”

Using the FNB app, FNB Connect customers are also able to buy cellphones, laptops, TV, wearable tech, and other devices. Customers can also buy these devices on a contract because the app allows for those purchases to be made and concluded by connecting to one of the client’s FNB accounts right there on the app!

As a strategy, most companies that start a virtual cellular company do so to bring their customers closer to them, offering a telecommunication service that can be used as a loyalty and reward incentive. If successful the cellular company can be seen as a value-add to its services.

Between July and December 2021 FNB rewarded its FNB Connect customers with R174 million in airtime, data, and SMSes, through its eBucks program.

FNB Connect keeps expanding its offerings

Moving vertically and horizontally in the technology space FNB connect is now offering its FNB and RMB customers software vouchers and fibre for business customers.

FNB Connect software vouchers

Vouchers are codes from a shop that one can use to redeem goods or services. These are perfect if you’re giving them as a gift. But, they are also useful because retailers would run special offers and give out discounts through the use of a voucher.

Screenshot: Buying a software voucher on the FNB App, made possible by FNB Connect.
Screenshot: Buying a Microsoft 365 software voucher on the FNB App, made possible by FNB Connect. Source: FNB app.

Through the FNB app customers can buy vouchers for entertainment, gaming, music, software, and transport. These include Spotify, Microsoft 365, Showmax, Google Play, and more.

Screenshot: Buying a software voucher on the FNB App, made possible by FNB Connect. Source: FNB app.

FNB’s important contact numbers

Operating hours

08:00 – 17:00 (Mon – Fri)
08:00 – 13:00 (Weekend and public holidays)

Contact numbers

087 575 0147
135 from an FNB SIM

Send FNB an email

email: info@fnb.co.za

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