FNB Connect Guide To SIM Card

Where to get your FNB Connect SIM PUK number

A PUK is short for PIN Unblocking Key, which is a key used to unblock a SIM PIN blocked from any further entries. After three tries a SIM PIN gets blocked from any more tries as a security measure against unauthorized use. But, if you as the rightful owner have blocked it by mistake or […]

FNB Connect How To

How To: Check your balances and Recharge your FNB Connect SIM card

To check the balance of your FNB Connect SIM card use the FNB banking app, FNB online banking, or dial the USSD code. You manage your FNB Connect number in the FNB banking app, so most of the services are available on the banking app. How to check your FNB Connect airtime balance on the […]

FNB Connect How To SIM Card SIM cards

How To: Get a new FNB Connect SIM card

Getting a new FNB Connect SIM card was the easiest and least painless process of getting a new SIM card we’ve ever had! We ordered a prepaid FNB Connect SIM card on a Thursday on the FNB banking app, it was delivered the following Monday by RAM couriers for FREE. The same day we received […]

cellphone contracts FNB Connect Guide To

A guide on getting an FNB Connect cellphone on contract

Qualifying FNB clients can buy a cellphone through FNB Connect and pay it off over a 24-month period. As an FNB client, you don’t need to have an FNB Connect SIM card if your cellphone contract does not include an FNB-branded cellphone, you can simply buy a SIM card and load airtime, minutes, data, or […]

FNB Connect

FNB Connect – The FNB Mobile Network

FNB Connect is the telecommunications and Internet Service Provider (ISP) of the FirstRand Limited Group. And of course, naming it “FNB Connect” makes it feel familiar to FNB’s more than 8 million existing customers. It is essentially a platform from which the group can connect its customers to its sales channels, with FNB account holders […]