A Simplified Guide: Standard Bank Mobile cellphone contracts

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All cellphone contracts from Standard Bank Mobile cellphone contracts are sold as a bundle, which include a cellphone and a Standard Bank Mobile line. You can, of course, port if you don’t want to use a new cellphone number.

Getting a Standard Bank Mobile cellphone contract has become considerably easier and more competitive in 2023. You simply select a cellphone

Standard Bank Mobile offers smartphones that are paired with a SIM card. Screenshot source: standardbank.co.za

Which cellphones can you get from Standard Bank Mobile?

Standard Bank Mobile currently has these cellphone brands on offer:

Starting from monthly payments of around R120 per month for a Xiaomi Redmi A1, to around R1,500 monthly payments for an Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max 128GB, the mobile network has spread out its cellphone offerings over a large price range.

These are also the most sought-after cellphones in the market, so it seems Standard Bank Mobile is trying hard to ensure it stays relevant to the mobile consumer by marketing the most popular brands and models.

Standard Bank Mobile cellphone contracts

The SBM cellphone contract is a 24-month contract that is bundled with a cellphone and a Standard Bank Mobile SIM card. The contract is linked with either your cheque or credit card, wherein SBM would create a debit order on your chosen account over a 24-month period. You can also get a cellphone contract using the UCount Mobile rewards program where the points are used to make payments towards your cellphone, but this option is only available under the budget facility of your Standard bank credit card.

To qualify for a 24-month cellphone contract, you will need:

  • A valid and qualifying Standard Bank account. Meaning it should have transactions regularly to show that it can be debited with the amount needed for the cellphone being applied for.
  • An active current, savings, business, credit, or wealth account

Standard Bank Mobile price plans

There are two price plans: Flexi, and Top-Up. Remember that all cellphone contracts come standard with a Standard Bank Mobile SIM card, which you can port to have your current cellphone number, or use it a s new number. (We encourage consumers to buy dual-SIM cellphones to take advantage of opportunities like these).

These price plans receive monthly inclusive value, which means you get a monthly allocation of voice minutes and mobile data. The inclusive data here does not roll over, but expires at the end of your monthly period.

Upon applying for a mobile device from Standard Bank Mobile, the network will initially put you on the Flexi price plan. You may change the plan at a later stage on your profile to the Top-Up price plan.

The Flexi price plan – if you want automatic top-up of voice/data top-up should you run out of inclusive value bundles. You will then be billed monthly for this credit and pay it back later.

Top-up – if you want to control your spending on voice/data. You do not have an automatic credit if you run out of inclusive value bundles. You will have to purchase additional bundles and top up your credit for your cellphone number.

what you getFlexiTop-Up
do you get airtime or minutesminutesminutes
is data includedYesYes
can you top up your data/airtime if you run outUse available credit and pay back laterTop up as standard
does my subscription value airtime/data expire?YesYes
Standard Bank Mobile price plans. Source: standardbank.co.za

Voice and data usage plans

Under the confusing rates is the voice and data usage plans, which change your call and data rates. When you’ve received your monthly inclusive airtime you will still need to make another purchase of a data usage plan and a separate voice usage plan in order to access cheaper data or voice call rates. Admittedly, R50 for 1 gig for mobile data is very cheap, so this might make sense to someone who uses a lot of mobile data. The voice or data plan will last for 30 days from the date of purchase. After your data is finished, and if you have not bought a data plan or your data plan has expired, you must opt in to accept the default rate.

Where to buy a Standard Bank Mobile cellphone contract

  • You can browse the online shop, where you can add your cellphone to a cart, log into your Standard Bank online profile to complete your purchase. Visit mobile.standardbank.co.za
  • You can fill in a call-me-back form on the Standard Bank website
  • Call the call centre on 0860 123 000 or 080 1212 577; 135 from your Standard Bank Mobile number;
  • Send an email to support@mobile.standardbank.co.za

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