Guide To: Cell C WhatsApp Data Bundles

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Our guide to Cell C WhatsApp data bundles, how and where to buy them, how to use them, and how long are they valid.

Cell C
Cell C

Cell C WhatsApp data bundles are available to buy through all of Cell C’s buying channels, including your banking channels. Other payment options include airtime and bank cards. There are some usage restrictions, though, such as not being able to make voice calls, but Cell C subscribers make do with what they have.

How do Cell C WhatsApp data bundles work?

WhatsApp data bundles are for sending and receiving messages on the WhatsApp platform, including viewing and sending statuses. Cell C subscribers can purchase WhatsApp data bundles to send messages on WhatsApp. Cell C WhatsApp data bundles and prices for 2022 are:

  • A 250MB data bundle for R5, valid until midnight
  • A 300MB data bundle for R10, valid over 3 days
  • A 500MB data bundle for R15, valid over 7 days
  • A 600MB data bundle for R20, valid over 15 days
  • A 1gig data bundle for R29, valid over 30 days

After loading the WhatsApp data bundles when a Cell C user sends a WhatsApp message on WhatsApp the data used will be debited against this data bundle instead of the overall data bundles. The Cell C WhatsApp 30-day 1gig bundle is cheaper than the Vodacom WhatsApp 30-day 1gig bundle, which Vodacom sells for R35.

What can you use Cell C WhatsApp bundles for?

Use your WhatsApp data bundles to send messages, voice notes, and videos, see your contact’s status updates and update your own WhatsApp statuses.

However, you won’t be able to make WhatsApp voice calls or video calls using WhatsApp data bundles. Intelligent people have realized this and instead send voice notes, or videos since they can’t make calls. However, WhatsApp Business accounts are not able to use these data bundles.

Where can you buy Cell C WhatsApp data bundles?

  • Dial the USSD code *109# to go to the purchase menu directly. You will then convert your airtime to WhatsApp data bundles.
  • Convert your airtime to data bundles on the Cell C app.
  • Buy the WhatsApp data bundles from your banking app, your cellphone banking, or other banking channels.
  • Add the WhatsApp data bundles to your monthly account through the customer service center 084135.
  • Use your bank card to buy directly on Cell C WhatsApp customer care, the Cell C app, or
Buying Cell C WhatsApp data bundles on the FNB banking app.
Buying Cell C WhatsApp data bundles on the FNB banking app.

How to check your WhatsApp data bundle balance

  • Dial the USSD code *147*101#
  • Contact Cell C customer care on the WhatsApp number 084 444 0040.
  • Open the Cell C app, and on the Dashboard scroll down to see all your balances.

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