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The MTN Group is one of the world’s biggest telecommunications companies and certainly it was not going to forget about its roots with MTN SA.

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Our local MTN in South Africa enjoys great cellphone contract options, generous rewards through yellobucks, and a wide variety of cellphones from the world’s top smartphone manufacturers.

MTN offers cellphone contracts from top manufacturers like Apple, Huawei, Samsung, OPPO, and even Nokia!

How to get an MTN cellphone contract

You can get an MTN cellphone contract by

  1. Applying for a new cellphone contract as a new MTN customer
  2. Upgrading or migrating from a prepaid plan to one of their 24 or 36-month phone-inclusive price plans

MTN’s cellphone contracts feel familiar to most people who have purchased cellphones through a contract before because the offering allows a customer to buy a new smartphone over a 24 or 36 month period. All MTN cellphone contracts are bundled with inclusive value, which means you get allocated data, SMSes, and call minutes/airtime each month as part of the deal.

To get a cellphone on an MTN contract:

  1. Select a cellphone
  2. Select a suitable price plan
  3. Choose where to get your cellphone from
  4. Apply for a contract with your chosen cellphone
  5. Add accessories and insurance to the contract if applicable

Choose a cellphone

The reason these contracts are 24 or 36 months long is that the cellphone cost is spread over those months, making it a bit more “affordable”. With a cellphone contract, looking at the cellphone deal as a whole, the cellphone’s price becomes cheaper.

Are MTN cellphone contracts worth it?

At the time of writing this a cash offer for a Samsung Galaxy A54 5G at TFG’s Bash was R9,999.

The price of the Samsung Galaxy A54 5G at versus at MTN. Screenshot source:

MTN had the same device on a Mega Gigs XS package with repayment of R489 x 24 months that included a monthly allocation of, 1) 25 call minutes, and 2) 2GB data bundles, which equals R149 of inclusive value. This meant that when you look at MTN’s package you would pay R340 x 24 months = R8, 160 for the actual cellphone.

The Samsung Galaxy A54 256GB 5G on an MTN contract works out cheaper than on prepaid. Screenshot source:

And as smartphone deals go, the more high-end the device the higher the starting price of the packages. You can see this on MTN’s online store where the contract packages for a OPPO A17k start at R279 x 24 on an MTN MEGA GIS XS, but the contract packages available for a high-end Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 256GB starts at R999 x 24 on an MTN Mega Gigs (R864 installment for the Z Flip4).

Both starting price plans are MTN Mega Gigs, but the packages start at different prices.

2 for 1 contract phones

It becomes economical to buy two cellphones on one contract. These are known as 2-for-1 deals.

You get two phones which look the same, but you pay for them on one contract. This has the advantage of reducing your monthly installments for both phones. But, this is a way to move out old stock in preparation for newer models. Never mind this as you will get them at a bargain.

MTN 2-for-1 deals are often from retailers like Mondo and Cellucity.

Choose a price plan

Deciding on a price plan essentially depends on your lifestyle and the purpose of getting a cellphone on contract. Will you be doing heavy browsing? Making lots of phone calls? Need to use the phone as a business tool?

MTN contract price plans

Cellphones are available to purchase on contract with the following price plans:

  • MTN Mega Gigs – A need for more mobile data than voice calls.
  • MTN Mega Talk – A need for more voice calls than mobile data.
  • MTN Made For Business – For use by businesses and corporate clients. You apply using your business’s credentials.
  • MTN Sky – For heavy use of voice calls and mobile data.
do you get airtime or minutes?is data included?can you top up your data/airtime if you run out?
Mega GigsYou are allocated more value in mobile data than minutesYes, but you will be billed what you use outside of your allocation Yes, but you will be billed what you use outside of your allocation
Mega TalkYou are allocated more value in minutes than mobile dataYes, but you will be billed what you use outside of your allocation Yes, but you will be billed what you use outside of your allocation
Made For BusinessYou are allocated minutes. You can also add extra bundles.Yes. You can also add extra bundles.Yes, but you will be billed what you use outside of your allocation
SkyYou are allocated minutesYes. Unlimited is up to 100GB per monthUnlimited MTN to MTN Minutes per month. Up to 10000 minutes to other networks
MTN price plans

How do you apply for an MTN cellphone contract?

To apply for a cellphone contract you will need to go through a credit assessment. This applies whether you are starting a new contract with MTN, you’re upgrading, or are migrating to another price plan. If you already are in a contract with MTN it will be easier and quicker.

Documentation needed for a new cellphone contract

Generally, you will need the following 4 documents for a new cellphone contract: Identification, Proof of income or earnings, proof of bank account, and proof of residence.


You will need a South African bar-coded ID or smart card. If you’re not a South African citizen you will need a valid passport.

Proof of income or earning

MTN will need to check your credit profile. This includes checking that you have a steady income such as a salary or any other earnings. And based on their credit calculations they may agree to a contract according to the history of your earnings.

To show proof of income you must give MTN your latest 3 months’ bank statements with your name (the applicant) on the account to be debited monthly.

You can also use your latest official payslip as proof of income.

Proof of bank account

A bank statement showing your name (the applicant) on the account to be debited monthly.

An internet bank statement is also welcome as long as it has the bank’s stamp/reference number, and shows the account owner’s name and account number

Proof of residence

Proof of residence of the applicant. This may include a municipal utility bill or any other official letter that shows the person/business name and physical address on it.

A Telkom bill can be used as proof of residence as it will have your name and address on it.
A Telkom bill can be used as proof of residence as it will have your name and address on it.

How do you qualify for an MTN contract?

Qualifying for a cellphone contract is one of the easiest ways to get and build credit.

  • The cheapest MTN cellphone contracts start at R199 over 24 on the MTN Mega Flex R65. This makes it easy even for someone who earns around R10,000 per month to afford a cellphone contract.
  • You can qualify for a cellphone contract using your first payslip.
  • You can build your credit profile using your cellphone contract, enabling you to later get credit for much more expensive items.
  • It is easy to apply for a cellphone contract. You will need your identification, Proof of income or earnings, proof of bank account, and proof of residence
  • MTN will take less than a day to approve you for a contract if all your paperwork is in order.

How to contact MTN Sales department

If you’re looking for assistance to get a new smartphone on contract with MTN you can make use of the folliwng channels:

Contact the MTN Sales department by calling MTN Direct: 083 123 3667

Contact an MTN agent on their official Facebook page:

Chat to an MTN agent using DM on the official MTN Twitter/X Corp page:

Get the MTN Sales Department to give you a call back by applying for a smartphone contract using their online store. Pick a phone, a contract type, contract term, and then fill in your details. An MTN sales agent will assist you to finish the application for a new contract.

Contact MTN using their WhatsApp chat line: MTN WhatsApp number 083 424 7365

Download the My MTN app to your cellphone and connect with MTN Sales using their chatbot.

Where can you get an MTN contract?

Apply for a phone contract online

Searching online for deals allows you to find online-only deals, browse those smart catalogues, and compare to ensure you are getting a deal best tailored to your needs.
Find deals on Guzzle or Y’ello Trader catalogues or shop on MTN’s online shop.

Walk-in store

MTN has a strong brick-and-mortar store presence, allowing its customers to walk in and feel how a cellphone feels in their hand. Going into a store is also the quickest way to go home with a contract because if you’re upgrading then all the credit information they need is right there in their systems, and they should be able to hand you one right there in the store.

The iStore, GAME, and other retailers

It is a very competitive market out there and retailers are working to offer better value and bigger rewards for getting a contract through their store. Check out stores like the iStore for Apple iPhones or GAME for a great deal on a HiSense smartphone.

Frequently asked questions about MTN cellphone contract

Are MTN contract phones for blacklisted people?

No, if you are blacklisted you may not enter into a contract.

Can I apply for a phone contract if I’m a student?

Yes, as long as you can have a steady income and you can prove it with a bank account transaction then it is possible to get a phone contract.

Does MTN have the iPhone 15?

MTN has access to the latest Apple iPhones, including the iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Pro Max, and iPhone 15 Mini. MTN will be one of the first to offer the iPhone 15 in 2023 because it participates in the Apple iPhone pre-order program.

How do I stop MTN charging me when my contract airtime is finished?

When you start a new contract you will need to set up a subscriber usage limit to stop MTN charging you when your allocated airtime gets finished. This is because after your monthly data and airtime allocations are depleted you are allowed to use up a certain amount of data/minutes as credit. This credit is charged at the “Out-of-Bundle” rate, making it more expensive than regular “in-bundle” rates.

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