How to buy and recharge Vodacom prepaid airtime or data bundles

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Learn how to recharge your prepaid or top-up Vodacom SIM card with airtime or data bundles. Recharge airtime never expires.

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Where to buy Vodacom recharge vouchers

Buy a digital voucher from Takealot

As a Vodacom subscriber you can buy a recharge voucher from Takealot, and then dial the USSD code together with the pin number of the digital voucher to recharge your Vodacom number. The USSD code to dial to recharge using this voucher is *100*01*Pin Number# and then hit the call button.

Buy from tuck shops and street vendors

You can go to the corner tuck shop where recharge vouchers are still popular and purchase a Vodacom voucher. The vouchers are on paper that you tear to reveal a pin number inside, and the use the USSD code *100*01*Pin Number# and then hit the call button to run the code.

Use the Vodacom airtime and data advance feature

If you’re running low on cash, a viable option is to loan airtime or data from Vodacom using their airtime and data advance feature. Vodacom will take the recharge amount plus a R1 access fee from your next recharge:

  • Your advance is available immediately after a successful request
  • You will need to show that you are a regular user, though. You will need to have been on Vodacom for at least 3 months prior, and have recharged with a minimum total of R29 for each of those 3 months.
  • If you’re a Top-Up or RED Flexi customer, you will be billed the amount you owe and an access fee if you don’t recharge within 30 days

Buy from Vodacom channels

Buy on the Vodacom website

Vodacom’s online store doesn’t just sell phones and tablets on contract, log in or create a profile to buy airtime and data bundles on the official website. You can then use your debit/credit card to make a purchase and load airtime or data bundles straight to your phone. Vodacom often also has airtime and data bundle specials on its website running which you can take advantage of and stretch your Rands.

My Vodacom App

The My Vodacom app functions similarly to the online store, with the same login credentials as well. The My Vodacom app, though, seems to be nearer to the fingertips. Going online and using the app is also free on the Vodacom network as it is zero-rated, meaning you can use the app without having any airtime or data on your SIM card and still be able to transact and buy airtime. Create a profile and load your Vodacom numbers on the app for faster and easier recharging. Use your debit card to buy data bundles or airtime for your Vodacom numbers saved on the app.

Buy using your banking channels

You can recharge any Vodacom number by buying directly from your bank account using your bank’s channels. This includes:

Using your banking app

Reliable and convenient as you are able to see if you have enough credit to make the purchase, and you are able to recharge another Vodacom number by selecting a number right from your phonebook (if you have given the app permission). Internet banking is zero-rated for mobile data, meaning you won’t spend your mobile data to complete this transaction on your banking app.

Use your bank’s cellphone banking functionality

Different banks have USSD codes that you access certain functions through, and buying airtime using cellphone banking is one of the most popular. Check with your bank what the exact code is. USSD codes are generally charged at 20 cents per 20 seconds, but FNB allows you to purchase airtime for free using the *130*321# USSD code.

Recharge your airtime online

You can buy Vodacom airtime online and recharge a Vodacom number whilst you’re outside South African borders using many of the services available online. This is how many people from Southern Africa are able to recharge their kids’ airtime while they themselves are outside of the country. It’s easy as many allow for EFT payments and Visa or Mastercard to make the purchase. It is almost like making an online purchase of physical goods online. An example would be, or


Can I buy airtime for my Vodacom data SIM card?

Yes, you can buy airtime for a Vodacom SIM card. Recharge with airtime and convert your airtime into data. This applies to prepaid data SIM cards and Vodacom TopUp data contracts.

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