How To: Check your balances and Recharge your FNB Connect SIM card

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To check the balance of your FNB Connect SIM card use the FNB banking app, FNB online banking, or dial the USSD code. You manage your FNB Connect number in the FNB banking app, so most of the services are available on the banking app.

How to check your FNB Connect airtime balance on the FNB banking app

The FNB banking app shows a more detailed view than the USSD code as the app shows the expiry dates for all your bundles.

To view the balance of your airtime, minutes, data, or SMS on the FNB app:

  • Log into your FNB banking app
  • Tap on the left Menu drawer to pull out all the FNB items and then tap the Connect menu item
  • On the Connect page, the balance of airtime and data is shown next to each Connect product you have on your profile
  • To view the expiry dates of bundles tap on the relevant Connect product and then tap the View Detailed Balance button
 Check your FNB Connect airtime balances
Screenshot: Check your FNB Connect airtime balances. Sources: FNB banking app.

*Pro-tip: Add the Connect shortcut to the login page (Home screen) on the FNB banking app by scrolling to the bottom of the login page and tapping on the big + sign and selecting Connect. To open Connect you would then just tap Connect on the first page, logging in, and it will take you straight to the Connect menu item.

How to check your FNB Connect balance using the USSD code

To quickly check your balance your dialer dial the USSD code *111# or *147#.

How to recharge your FNB Connect SIM card

You can recharge your airtime and bundles using the FNB banking app or cellphone banking. Log into your banking app and go to the Buy menu, or the Connect menu and choose Top Up. Your FNB cellphone banking USSD codes have remained the same: *120*321# if you have airtime or *130*321# if you have no airtime.

Recharge typeMin recharge amountMax recharge amount
Data80MB for R14, valid for 30 days100GB for R3,399, valid for 30 days.
SMS30 SMS for R12, valid for 30 days600 SMS for R115, valid for 30 days
Voice minutes30 minutes R30, valid for 30 days2,000 minutes for R1,000, valid for 30 days
Recharging your FNB COnnect SIM card. Source: FNB.

Recharge your FNB Connect data bundles

Number of days validSmallest data bundleLargest data bundle
1 Day25MB for R41GB for 49
7 Days50MB for R92GB for R99
30 Days80MB for R14100GB for R3,399
Recharging FNB Connect data bundles. Source: FNB.

Convert your FNB Connect airtime to data bundles

You can also recharge and convert your airtime to data using the USSD code *147# and choosing.

  • Dial the USSD code *147#
  • Reply with Option 3, Services
  • Reply with Option 1, Buy Bundles
  • Reply with Option 2, Data Bundles
  • Reply with the option that suits your required number of days, and then follow the rest of the prompts to convert your airtime to data

Recharging an FNB Connect SIM card is not available for:

  • You can’t recharge your airtime from other banks
  • No scratch card or recharge voucher is available to purchase

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