How to easily cancel your Telkom contract

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Learn how to effectively cancel your Telkom contract and not pay a cent more than you need to! Whether its at the end of a contract period or to simply move on early to another service provider, it is important to know how to effectively cancel your Telkom contract.

Telkom cancellation confirmation SMS.
Telkom sends you an SMS with a case number when you register a cancellation request with them.

When signing up for a new contract with Telkom there are conditions that potential clients have to agree to, and these include their cancellation policies.

In this article we will guide Telkom customers on the ways they can terminate their contracts and give various tips to ensure that it has indeed been terminated.

The below Telkom contract cancellation guide can applied to cellphone contracts, LTE contracts, month-to-month contracts, 36-month contracts, mobile WiFi contracts, and other general consumer (non-business) Telkom contracts. You can also learn how to cancel your home ADSL line using this article.

How to cancel a contract

There are a few ways that Telkom has made available for its customers to terminate their relationship as their telephony service provider. Telkom customers can call into the contact center, email client liaisons, or if you have a registered online profile you can cancel directly in the Telkom Dashboard.

Find your contract’s end date

It’s important to know when your contract end date. This will assist in 1) negotiating an upgrade, 2) assist in calculating early-termination charges (if any), and 3) not paying more than you need to.

To find your contract expiry date:

  • On your contract number dial *180#
  • Enter the number for Manage Account
  • Enter the number for View Contract End Date

To find your LTE contract expiry date:

  • Log into your Self-Service Dashboard profile
  • Click on to Products, expand on the product/service number you want to view and then click Product Info
  • Under Product Info, click on Product Details
  • You can view Contract End date under Subscription Details
Finding the contract expiry date for your LTE WiFi.
Finding the contract expiry date for your LTE WiFi using the Telkom Self-Service Dashboard.

Cancel your contract online

Most companies have implemented an online portal to make it easy for their customers to manage their services on their own. In the case of Telkom their portal also includes online contract cancellations.

To cancel a Telkom contract online your account/cellphone number needs to be registered and linked to a profile on Telkom self-service dashboard. You will also need to have an electronic copy of the account holder’s ID. This can be in a PDF form or you can take a photo (jpg form) of the ID.

To cancel online:

  • Log into your Telkom self-service dashboard
  • Click on to Products, expand on the product/service number you want to cancel and then click Manage
  • Under Manage, click Cancellation
  • Under Cancellation you may then start the process
  • Under the Cancellations page fill in the account holder’s details, enter the end date, fill in the required fields, upload an electronic copy of the Identity Document, and then submit the request
  • If the cancellation request was successful you will receive a confirmation by SMS and/or email confirming receipt of the request, which will include a case/reference number.
A request to cancel a Telkom contract.
A request to cancel a Telkom contract. Screenshot source:

Tip: The confirmation SMS/Email only confirms that the cancellation request has been received. It is crucial to follow up the actual cancellation process to ensure that it has started.

A confirmation SMS that acknowledges that a cancellation request has been received.
Telkom will send you a confirmation SMS that acknowledges that your cancellation request has been received.

Call the Telkom contact center

Chat to an agent in the Cancellations and Retentions departments who will assist in starting the cancellation request.

  • From your Telkom cellphone number call the Telkom call center on: 081 180, Option 5.
  • From your Telkom landline call the Telkom call center on: 10210, Option 4

Send an email to request a cancellation

Email a request to cancel your contract to the below email addresses:

  • Landline business phones:
  • Mobile business phone:
  • Deceased estate:

Chat to Telkom using WhatsApp

Send your request to cancel your contract by sending a cancellation request to Telkom’s WhatsApp line: +27 81 160 1700

How to cancel your month-to-month Telkom contract

You can terminate a month-to-month contract like the Telkom Post-Paid LTE data plan month-to-month contract by requesting a cancellation one month before you intend it to end. You are charged in advance for a month-to-month contract, so it is important to cancel before another debit order is made against your account.

For example, if you want your month-to-month SIM-Only contract to end in on the 31st of October 2023 you would cancel it on or before the 1st of October. This is because you need to give one month notice before it is due to renew. So send a request to cancel your contract within the first few days of the month so that it will be terminated by the end of that month.

Month-to-month contracts are easier to cancel because often you do not buy a device on a month-to-month agreement. There are no penalties to pay or other cancellation fees but only if your account is up to date and not in arrears. However, if Telkom gave you a router to use with your contract you have to return it when your contract ends.

How to cancel a long-term Telkom contract

A long-term contract is longer than a month, and should exclude a month-to-month type of contract.

Cancel your long-term agreement 20 business days before your contract expiry date.

Long-term contracts have a fixed term of 12-months, 24-months, and 36-months long. This period is called the initial contract period. These contracts usually include a device like a WiFi modem, a phone, or a Wireless router.

It is important to cancel your fixed term contract by its expiry date because Telkom reserves the right to stop giving you any discounts or bonuses after the initial contract period ends.

To cancel:

  • Find your contract expiry date
  • Cancel by logging a cancel request online, by calling the contact center, or sending an email
  • Verify that you are the account owner (an agent will assist with this)
  • Ensure you receive your confirmation of request to cancel, either by SMS or email. You will also receive a reference number along with your confirmation email/SMS
  • Pay any outstanding bills, if any
  • Get your confirmation of the final date of your account

What you should do to end your long-term contract early

You are allowed to end your fixed term agreement with Telkom anytime during your contract for any reason whatsoever. You may terminate your contract by giving Telkom 20 business days notice.

Telkom has to right to recoup monies owed to them before officially ending your contract. This may be from your account being arrears, penalty fees, or subsidies for your device or minutes.

How Telkom calculates early termination fees

Telkom may charge you for early termination of your contract. This is mostly based on whether you bought a device (e.g.; a smartphone or modem) and if you may need to pay them back because you have not finished paying it off in your contract.

  • The (monthly subscription + monthly device installment + monthly subsidy) X (the number of months remaining) + (outstanding fees)
  • The above amount is then reduced by a discount at Telkom’s discretion (usually 25%)

The termination fees may include, but are not limited to:

  • Any discounts for the device, airtime, minutes offered by Telkom as a promotion, or otherwise, in the contract
  • Any outstanding fees that stem from billings, out-of-bundle usage, or unpaid installments on the contract

Telkom contract cancellation Frequently Asked Questions

How can I cancel a contract that belongs to a deceased

Ensure you have available an electronic copy of deceased’s death certificate, a copy of their ID, and the contact details for the deceased’s estate. Scan the documents and then send a request to cancel the contract via email to

How long does Telkom take to cancel my contract?

Once you have received paid any outstanding amounts as shown in your final bill and have served your one calendar month notice it will be cancelled by the end of the notice period.

What is the notice period I have to give to Telkom when I cancel my contract?

The notice period is generally one calendar month, meaning from the 1st of the new month to the 28th/30th/31st of that month. (E.G.; 1st of October 2023 to 31st of October 2023).


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