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To RICA a SIM card in South Africa you will

  • Register a new SIM card
  • Provide your personal identification details
  • Provide current proof of residence
  • And then a network operator must verify that the information provided is of the person registering this SIM card

The RICA act compels South African network operators to register each SIM card in use on their network to an individual/legal entity for the government to regulate the interception of communications, and to protect the privacy of citizens.

What you will need to RICA a SIM card

A more comprehensive explanation of what you will need to register your physical SIM card with a network service provider per the RICA regulation

A physical SIM card with a unique identification number.

A RICA agent or internet portal will need either a SIM card number, SIM Serial Number, or SIM card ICCID number. ICCID number is usually about 18 to 20 numbers long and starts with 89. They may also issue a cellphone number if perhaps you already do not have one, or you are porting your number to another network operator.

South African SIM cards. March 2022, South Africa.
South African SIM cards. March 2022, South Africa.

Photographic identification details

This can be the green-barcoded South African ID book, a smart card, a passport, or foreign identification document. This document must show your full name and surname, show your photograph, and identity number. In the case of a legal entity, it is required that a person who represents the entity provide their photographic identification details. This person will describe their relation to this entity. The entity’s information, such as the registration number, may be necessary to identify the entity.

Proof of your current residence

Proof of residence may not be older than 3 months. Proof of residence may include an address of employment, address of the business, a nearby school or church, or any bill or statement that shows your full name, identity number, and address on it.

In the case of a traveler to South Africa who needs a South African SIM card, you will need a reservation or similar note from your hosts. You can read further here.

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