How to share your MTN Data Bundles

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Share your data bundles on MTN using the USSD code *136*5#, in an MTN store, or in the MTN app. You can share your MTN data on prepaid or contract numbers as long as your price plan terms and conditions allow.

Sharing your data means allowing a list of linked MTN numbers to use your monthly inclusive and 30-day purchased data bundles to access the internet. When you are the sponsor of a Share Data group the linked numbers accessing the internet will deplete the anytime data bundles from your account first before they start to use their own data bundles. It is not possible to share any other data bundle types.

On the MTN SA network, data sharing is different from data transfer, where data sharing implies others use data bundles from your account, and where data transfer means you are gifting your data bundles to another MTN number.

How to share your MTN Data Bundles

To share your data bundles:

  • Activate Data Share on your account
  • Link up to 20 MTN eligible numbers

How do I activate Data Share?

  • Activate Data Share using USSD code
  • Dial USSD code *136*5#
  • Reply with option 1, Manage Bundles
  • Reply with option 3, DataShare
  • Reply with option 1, Activate DataShare. You will receive an SMS to confirm that service has been activated.
  • Reply with option 1, Add Member, to link your first MTN number

Activate Data Share using MTN App

  • Open your MTN app
  • Tap the More button to open the menu
  • Tap on DataShare
  • On DataShare page, tap Continue and then tap on the switch to activate DataShare
  • Tap the Add button to link your first MTN number
  • To link a number on the MTN app you will need to be able to receive SMSes. MTN will send you an OTP to start linking numbers
Screenshot: Adding an MTN number to a DataShare group. Source: MTN App.
Screenshot: Adding an MTN number to a DataShare group. Source: MTN App.

Share your inclusive data

To share the anytime mobile data bundles you receive as part of your contract you may activate Data Share on your contract number and then link eligible numbers.

You can share your contract’s mobile data on My MTNChoice Data Plans and some MTN Sky price plans. The inclusive data bundles that you receive each month can be shared with your linked MTN numbers. The only data that can be shared is anytime data and purchased data (Top-up data). Excluded are promotional and night express data.

Why am I not able to share my data?

It may seem like your Data Share service is not working or that you are blocked from sharing. Data Share is restricted, and some of the reasons include:

  • You are trying to share monthly data bundles from a contract number with a price plan MTN does not allow the Data Share service on. Double-check the price plan’s terms and conditions and if it is eligible for data share.
  • Some data bundles are not available under Data Share, such as MTN Made For Me Booster recurring bundles, Night Express, or promotional data. This also includes WhatsApp data bundles, YouTube streaming, and other promotional data bundles. Rather hot-spot a device if at all possible.
  • You are trying to share data that has an expiry date of one hour, until midnight, a week, two weeks, or any other except the permitted monthly anytime data.
  • You are limited to 20 MTN numbers and may have reached your limit.
  • You are trying to share your data with a non-MTN number such as Vodacom or Cell C, and it is not possible to do so.
  • If you’re using a brand new SIM card the number may not be active on the MTN network yet. Try loading a small amount of airtime to try and “force” it onto the network.
  • You may be trying to link numbers that are already in a Data Share group, or you are sponsoring a Data Share group with other MTN numbers. Dial the USSD code *136*5#, and then option 1 Manage Bundles, Option 3 Data Share, and then you can manage your Data Share settings. Managing your Data Share settings is also available on the MTN app.
  • Your linked number may have reached its share limit. Use the MTN app to check if any limits were set for the affected member.
Screenshot: MTN Data Share group member with 1GB limit. Source: MTN App.
Screenshot: MTN Data Share group member with 1GB limit. Source: MTN App.

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  1. I accidentally removed a member from my datashare. How can i get him back on. When i try to shate it says that he was already added but i cant see his name on the lis

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