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Learn how to transfer airtime on MTN using the Me2U USSD code *136*3#, or using the MTN app. MTN airtime transfer works best on prepaid and TopUp numbers where you have loaded airtime and want to share some of that airtime with another MTN prepaid or TopUp user.

How to transfer airtime on the MTN app

  • On the MTN app tap on the More button. It is located right at the bottom of the main menu.
  • On the More screen menu tap on the Send button.
  • At the “What do you want to send” screen menu tap on Airtime.
  • Under the Airtime screen menu enter the MTN number to transfer.
  • Select a contact, or enter an MTN number directly, and then tap on the Continue button
  • MTN will send you an OTP to your cellphone number. Depending on how smart your smartphone is it will capture the OTP directly from the SMS sent, populate the field automatically, and then send you to the next screen where you may choose the amount of airtime to transfer.
  • You will be shown how much airtime is available to send. This may be different from your actual total airtime. Enter the amount of airtime to send.
  • If successful your airtime will be transferred to the number, and the amount sent will be deducted from your airtime.
Screenshot: MTN airtime transfer. Source: MTN app.
Screenshot: MTN airtime transfer. Source: MTN app.

How to transfer airtime using the USSD code

  • Dial the USSD code *136*3#.
  • Reply with option 1, Transfer Airtime.
  • Reply with an amount to transfer by replying only with the number excluding the R for Rand.
  • Reply with the MTN cellphone to transfer to.
  • Reply with option 1, to proceed with the transfer.
  • If the transfer was successful you will be shown a confirmation, with the number you transferred to, and your new airtime balance.
Screenshot: Confirmation of a successful MTN airtime transfer.
Screenshot: Confirmation of a successful MTN airtime transfer using USSD code.

How to request airtime transfer

Dial the USSD code: *136*6328*(MTN number)#

Screenshot: SMS received after sending MTN airtime transfer request.
Screenshot: SMS received after sending MTN airtime transfer request.

Why am I not able to transfer my airtime?

  • Only MTN Prepaid or TopUp contract numbers are allowed to make airtime transfers. This is because you can transfer recharge airtime and not airtime received from MTN as part of the monthly bundles.
  • When you transfer airtime MTN will first check if the recipient number can receive airtime transfer, and if it doesn’t allow the receiving number to get airtime transfer you will get a response that your transfer was unsuccessful.
  • You may not transfer voice minutes. You are not allowed to transfer your MTN Sky minutes.
  • You are allowed to transfer a minimum of R2 and a maximum of R200 per day or a maximum of R1000 per month.

Can you transfer YelloBucks?

If you really are in need of airtime then you could also ask your sponsor to transfer their YelloBucks.

You can transfer YelloBucks to another MTN subscriber. You will then be able to convert your YelloBucks to airtime or convert them to data bundles. Request your sponsor to transfer their YelloBucks to you by using the MTN app or dialing the USSD code *136*3# and selecting the option “Transfer Loyalty Points”.

Screenshot: Transfer MTN YelloBucks.
Screenshot: Transfer MTN YelloBucks. Source: MTN app.

Can you transfer MTN airtime to a Vodacom/Telkom/Cell C number?

It is not possible to transfer your MTN airtime to a different network. If you try then MTN will give you an error. You will have to buy airtime or data for that non-MTN number.

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