How To: Use a PUK to unblock an MTN SIM PIN

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To unblock your MTN SIM pin you will need to use its PUK number. This will allow you to create a new SIM pin to replace the old one. PUK is short for Pin Unlocking Key, a 10-digit number you can use to unlock a SIM security PIN that has been blocked from entering its pin number. A SIM pin number only allows for three tries, and on the third unsuccessful try, it will be blocked from any more PIN entries.

SIM cards use pin numbers as security measures that prevent unauthorized users from accessing the SIM’s information or using up your airtime and data, especially if inserted into a different device. If you don’t remember your original PIN and it has been changed you can purposefully block your PIN so that you can create another one using your PUK number.

How to get your MTN PUK number

You can get your PUK number that corresponds to your SIM card on the MTN app, SIM pack, or from the MTN SA self-service number.

Find it using the MTN app

Use the MTN app to find your PUK number in the app’s SIM services. If you’ve downloaded, registered, and logged into your MTN app before then it may be possible to access the previous session using a WiFi connection to find your PUK number.

  • Remove your SIM card from your device and then unlock it
  • Connect the device to the internet using a WiFi connection
  • Open the MTN app and tap on Resume Session to log into your previous session
  • In the MTN app, tap the More menu item
  • In the More menu, tap the SIM services menu item
  • The SIM Services menu will display your SIM PUK number
  • Go ahead and write down your PUK number and then create a new SIM PIN

Find it on the SIM pack

Check your MTN SIM card’s starter pack. Your SIM starter pack will have displayed your original PIN and PUK number.

MTN PUK number on the SIM pack.
MTN PUK number on the SIM pack.

Find it by calling MTN’s Customer Care

Call the MTN self-service number on 135 and follow the voice prompts: Use your MTN phone and dial 135

If you want your own PUK number:

  • Follow the voice prompt that says allow get your PUK number
  • MTN will send you an SMS with your PUK number to the number you’re calling from

If you are calling from a different MTN number:

  • Follow the voice prompts that say that you would like assistance with a different number
  • When requested, enter the number you want the PUK number for
  • MTN will send you an SMS with your PUK number to the number you’re calling from

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