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homechoice customers can register a profile and buy a cell phone online using their homechoice account. This can be done completely through the homechoice online shopping portal, where current account holders who have made 6 consecutive payments can use their credit to buy a cellphone online.

A homechoice showroom in Nelspruit, Mpumalanga. Image source: twitter.com/homechoice

Prospective homechoice customers can apply for a homechoice account online and be immediately approved for credit if they qualify.

homechoice has been a part of South African lives since 1985, selling blankets and duvets through its mail-order service. South Africans would browse homechoice catalogs and order warm blankets and silky duvets through the mail.

homechoice has since expanded to include selling electronics, cellphones, and home appliances through mail-order and showrooms. homechoice is part of the JSE-listed home-shopping retailer, homechoice International PLC, and has since also expanded to include financial services as part of their offering through the fintech company, FinChoice.

homechoice online account and credit application

To open a homechoice account online is easy, you will need to browse the homechoice website and click on the “apply for credit” button. When you register a homechoice account online your credit score will also automatically be checked to ensure speedy credit approval.

Open a homechoice account online

To open an account online you will need:
1. Identification

Identify yourself in the form of a valid: South African ID number, Passport number, or non-South African ID.

2. Proof of residence

Provide a home address with a proof of residence of your home. Or in the case of a tribal land or village, a church or other the nearest school.

3. Contact details

Have your contact details like your email and cellphone number. We used our cellphone number to apply.

Documents needed to open a homechoice account online

You will need to upload the following documents to your online profile:

  • Your proof of income in the form of 1) 1 month’s payslip OR 3 month’s bank statement
  • A copy of your South African ID, your passport, or non-South African ID
  • Proof of address

Depending on your credit profile homechoice may offer you up to R3000 credit or more to spend. We opened an account and were offered a credit limit of R3500.

homechoice online account credit limit. Screenshot source: homechoice.co.za

Upon trying to make a purchase on credit, though, we were asked to set up a debit order if we wanted credit. It turns out we would have to first buy something else and then pay it off with 6 consecutively successful payments before being afforded to buy an electronic like a cellphone.

Screenshot: set up a debit order to buy a homechoice cellphone online.
Screenshot: set up a debit order to buy a homechoice cellphone online. Source: homechoice.co.za

Using your homechoice account to buy online

Now that you have credit and a homechoice account online you can buy on account online.

To buy a cellphone from homechoice you will need to have made 6 consecutive and successful payments before being approved to make that purchase. You essentially need a good credit record with homechoice before buying a cellphone using your homechoice account.

homechoice cellphones

The range of smartphones on offer includes

Hisense: Hisense U50, Hisense E60 Lite, Hisense E60

honor: honor H50 Lite

Huawei: Huawei Nova Y70 Plus, Huawei Nova Y9a

Nokia: Nokia C21, Nokia C21 Plus, Nokia G21

Samsung: Galaxy A03, Galaxy Core 32GB, Galaxy A03 LTE, Galaxy A13, Galaxy A23, Galaxy A32, Galaxy A53, Galaxy A04s LTE,

Xiaomi: Xiaomi Redmi 9a, Xiaomi Redmi Note 11, Xiaomi Redmi Note 11 Pro


vivo: vivo Y01, vivo Y15s

homechoice did not offer us an Apple iPhone to buy online.

homechoice cellphone prices are high

homechoice cellphone prices are out of range with competitors. homechoice was more expensive when compared to its direct competitors GAME stores and OK Furniture (where you may buy a cellphone on account and pay it off in installments).

The cash price for a Hisense E60 Lite 4G Dual-SIM at hi-online (a TFG online store) is R1,899, or an estimated R316.50 per month over 6 months.

The price of the Hisense E60 Lite Dual-SIM on the TFG online store. Screenshot source: hi-online.co.za

The price of the same Hisense E60 Lite Dual-SIM smartphone on the homechoice online store is more than 50% more expensive. The entry-level smartphone has a cash price of R2,999.

The price of the Hisense E60 Lite Dual-SIM on the homechoice online store. Screenshot source: homechoice.co.za

Your monthly account repayments for a homechoice cellphone

Most people buy cell phones on installment because it is easier to spread the payment over a short 6 or 12-month period than to pay thousands of rands in one go.

homechoice has for sale the mid-range smartphone Samsung A53 5G Dual-SIM, which you can pay in installments for. homechoice’s cash price for Samsung is R11,499, while the TFG cash price is R7,999: a R3,500 difference.

But the homechoice indicated monthly installments are even more expensive when calculating the total amount paid at the end of the installments.

If you buy the Samsung A53 5G Dual-SIM at R7,999 and pay it off over 12 months at 755.41 plus 23.75% the total payment is indicated at R11,216.70

Indicated TFG installment payments on a Samsung A53 5G Dual-SIM over 12 months. Screenshot source: hi-online.co.za

If you buy the Samsung A53 5G Dual-SIM at R11,499 from homechoice and pay it off over 12 installments of the indicated R1,367 you end up paying a total of R16,404.

The monthly payments of the Samsung A53 5G Dual-SIM at homechoice. Screenshot source: homechoice.co.za

homechoice deliveries

homechoice may take 5 to 10 days to deliver your cell phone depending on how far away from the main centers you are. If you make a cash purchase worth over R800, you may qualify for free delivery. Or else the delivery of your cellphone will cost 10% of the purchase price.

You can get free delivery to pickup points near you:

  • You may also collect from a homechoice showroom near you.
  • homechoice has placed ChoiceCollect containers in townships around South Africa where people can have their goods delivered there for free and they can pick up their deliveries closer to home. The homechoice ChoiceCollect pickup points close at 6 pm during the week.
  • Get your parcel at a homechoice distribution centre
  • The widest selection of delivery points is the Pargo pickup point, where your delivery can be sent to Clicks or similar stores near you.

NOTE: You will need your ID and the pin number sent to you via SMS to pick up your parcel.

Contact homechoice agents to place an order

Call centre:
0861 466 324 or +27 21 680 1300 (outside RSA)
Monday to Friday: 08:00 – 19:00,
Saturday 08:00 – 13:00
Public holidays: 09:00 – 19:00 (except Good Friday and Christmas Day).

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