Learn how to properly cancel your Vodacom cell phone contract

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Is it time to move on from all cellphone contracts? Have you found something better and want to break your contract? Do you simply want to cancel your Vodacom contract after it expired? Call Vodacom Cancellations on 082 1958, free from a Vodacom cellphone number.

You can cancel your cellphone contract by messaging the official Vodacom Facebook page. Screenshot source: facebook.com/Vodacom/

It can be a bit tricky and expensive to cancel your smartphone contract. More so if you’ve taken out a 36-month contract that comes bundled with lots of airtime, minutes, data, and a shiny premium smartphone.

The Vodacom cancellations department is called “retentions and cancellations.” Vodacom would like to retain you as a paying client. You will have to contend with that feisty cancellations agent who gets paid every time they get you to renew or at least keep you on your contract.

But, if you’re certain you want to terminate your Vodacom cellphone contract go through this informational guide to help you make a good decision.

How to cancel your phone contract

To cancel your Vodacom cellphone contract when it is about to expire you will need to wait until the end of the 23rd month of a 24-month contract, or the end of the 35th month of a 36-month contract. At the end of the 23rd/35th month, you can give the notice to cancel the contract.

The service provider is required by law to notify you that your fixed-term contract with them is expiring. They need to do this not more than 80 business days before it ends, but not less than 40 business days before it ends. Usually, they will send you an SMS, give you a call, or send you an email as a notification about your contract expiry.

Cancel a contract early or when it is about to expire

To cancel, follow these steps:

  1. Contract Expiry: Find the expiry date of your cellphone contract by SMSing the phrase “CTD” to 31050 using the Vodacom number in question. This is important so you can cancel 20 business days before the contract expiration date.
  2. Contact Vodacom about canceling: Call the Vodacom Cancellations number 082 1958, and request cancellation when it is the end of the 23rd month of a 24-month contract or the end of the 35th month of a 36-month contract. You can also message them on their official Vodacom Facebook or Vodacom Support Twitter account.
  3. Verify ownership of the contract: Vodacom will take you through their authentication process to ensure that they are dealing with the person who owns the contract. They will then bring up your account details to ensure that you are canceling the correct contract.
  4. Pay any outstanding bills: Your account will then be checked for any outstanding amounts. These are:
    1. Any future subscriptions that were yet to be loaded (airtime, minutes, data, or SMSes)
    2. The remaining installments for the cellphone
    3. Unbilled usages such as subscription services and Out Of Bundle usage
    4. Any other unpaid fees such as skipped monthly payments
  5. If there are outstanding amounts then a quote will be generated for you to sign and pay.
  6. Get your confirmation date: You should receive an SMS confirming that the cancellation has been loaded, and the agent should also be able to give you the last date when your account will be debited. Your cell number can be changed to prepaid at the end of your contract period.
Vodacom contract cancellation
Vodacom contract cancellation. Source: Vodacom SMS

You have a small window to cancel your contract as you will have a little more than 20 business days before your contract expiry date. Vodacom may also request that you make this cancellation request in the month your contract expires, giving you a few days to do so.

How early cancellation fees are calculated

According to Vodacom’s contract terms and conditions, you may terminate your contract for whatever reason during the contract period. Still, you may be liable to pay fees that equal around 75% of subscription fees and any other monies you owe. These monies usually include any unpaid billings you’ve added to your Vodacom account or outstanding handset costs.

Oftentimes Vodacom will have a promotion running where they reduce/subsidize your subscription fees, meaning you are paying less than what their official fees are for a particular contract. That subsidy amount may now be included in the bill that will be sent to you when you cancel.

The cancellation fee is calculated as the sum of:

  1. Subsidies included in your contract
  2. Outstanding fees, like unbilled usages such as subscription services (Value-Added Services), Out Of Bundle usage, and unpaid installments
  3. The product of the monthly price plan (Subscription), the installment for the cellphone, the number of months remaining on your contract, less 25%. The 25%, says Vodacom, complies with the CPA, where the act says that the cancellation fee should be reasonable.
  4. Less any upfront payments

You will receive a quote on any outstanding amounts. Pay that amount and send Vodacom your proof of payment. The agent will need to give you an email to which you can send all this information.

How Vodacom calculated our early cancellation fees. We received this quote over Facebook, which was very convenient. Screenshot source: facebook.com/Vodacom/

You must keep a copy of all your communications and ensure that you get a confirmation of receipt, either via your email or SMS. Your cell number will then be changed to prepaid at the end of your contract period.

Vodacom contract cancellation
Vodacom contract cancellation. Source: Twitter.com

How to cancel a cellphone contract for a deceased family member

If a family member with a Vodacom cellphone contract has unfortunately passed away you may be able to cancel their cellphone contract. As an executor of a deceased estate, you can write to Vodacom to cancel the contract.

Write to the Vodacom legal department and ask to cancel the deceased’s cellphone contract. Write a request and send it to legal.collections@vodacom.co.za, together with the following supporting documents:

  • The death certificate
  • A copy of the deceased green ID book of smartcard
  • Your ID and proof of authority to execute the deceased’s estate

Remember, you will still have to pay any outstanding amounts.

Frequently asked questions about Vodacom contract cancellations

What’s the Vodacom contract cancellation email?

The cancellation email address is cancellations@vodacom.co.za. It is no longer retentions.cancellations@vodacom.co.za. Your email will bounce back if you send it to this email address:

Screenshot: The address retentions.cancellations@vodacom.co.za is incorrect.

Can I cancel my contract before it expires?

If you want to cancel your contract prematurely you can do it at any time during the initial period of your contract. Ask Vodacom for a cancellation quote, make the requested payment, and your application to cancel your contract will be processed.

How do I cancel an expired Vodacom contract?

If you want to cancel an already expired cellphone contract you will not have to wait any longer and can cancel today. Contact Vodacom on 082 1958, Vodacom Facebook, or Vodacom Support Twitter account.

What is the waiting period to cancel my Vodacom contract?

The cancellation notice will have to be given 20 business days before the expiration date, or 20 business days before the next billing cycle.

How do I cancel my Vodacom contract online?

Send a message to the official Vodacom Facebook or Vodacom Support Twitter account and ask to cancel your contract. You can also get a cancellation quote from the ToBi bot on the Vodacom app.

Get a contract cancellation quote sent to you using the ToBi bot on the Vodacom app.
Get a contract cancellation quote sent to you using the ToBi bot on the Vodacom app. Screenshot source: Vodacom app.

How do I cancel Elite Mobile contract?

Elite Mobile has an agreement with Vodacom to sell upgrades and new contracts to its clients. It is a separate company from Vodacom. When you deal with Elite Mobile you should find out who exactly the agreement is with – Vodacom or Elite Mobile. From there you will know who you should cancel with.

To cancel your contract with Elite Mobile you will follow the same procedure we set out in How to cancel your phone contract.


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