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Mr Price Mobile is a cellular network services provider that runs its own virtual mobile network in South Africa. This means Mr Price Mobile has its own SIM cards and cellphone number which you can buy airtime and data for. The mobile network’s SIM cards can be found at any of its physical stores or online.

Mr Price Cellular is the brand under which Mr Price sells cell phones and cellular accessories. The mobile network’s SIM cards are of course also sold under the Mr Price Cellular brand, which led us to be confused at times and interchangeably use the “cellular store” brand with the “mobile network” brand.

The Mr Price Mobile cellular network is run under its financial subsidiary, Mr Price Money. This subsidiary also sells insurance products for the group, including cell phone insurance.

A cellphone display cabinet at a Mr Price store. Randburg, December 2022.
A Mr Price Cellular cellphone display cabinet at a Mr Price store. Randburg, December 2022.

The Mr Price Mobile network

Mr Price Mobile was launched by the group in July 2014 and it is operating as a virtual mobile network, an MVNO, which ran on the Cell C network.

An MVNO means you can essentially start a mobile network without owning or building from scratch any of the physical infrastructure (towers, etc.) but still offer your customers a very good experience that a traditional mobile network operator will have. And as an MVNO Mr Price Mobile will handle the marketing, setting up specials and tariffs, while the network operator, Cell C, will handle all the technical operations of the cellular network.

Mr Price Cellular

Now, we’ve seen a lot of articles where journalists mistake Mr Price Cellular and Mr Price Mobile. But, I think the group is not too worried about that.

Mr Price Cellular was established in 2017 as the the subsidiary that would sell cell phones and accessories in Mr Price stores. Mr Price Cellular has now been established itself as a separate brand by expanding from the cellular counters and displays in Mr Price stores to having standalone stores. This expansion was very much welcome by group when Mr Price Cellular posted over a billion rand in revenue to the group’s 2022 year end.

The Mr Price group has segmented its Mr Price Cellular brand into the “fashion value” category, visible in its offering of smartphones in the retail range of roughly between R500 to R5,000. Inexpensive yet capable smartphones, deals on cheap data and airtime, 12-month cellphone contracts – a Mr Price customer knows that they can look forward to getting a good deal from this retailer, and Mr Price Cellular is clearly working to match that philosophy.

The Mr Price group has another fashion apparel in its group which is called Power Fashion. Within Power Fashion is the cellular brand PowerCell. Power Fashion and its cellular brand, PowerCell, serve the low LSM segment in what the group categorized as “Price Value”. Here is where the group would sell cell phones like the Nokia 105, Itel, and other budget smartphones.

A special on a Samsung Galaxy A03 Core entry-level smartphone by PowerCell.
A special on a Samsung Galaxy A03 Core entry-level smartphone by PowerCell. Source:

The benefit to Mr Price

As a fashion retailer, Mr Price somewhat took aback some quarters of the market, wondering what they are doing over at the mobile network market instead of just selling phones like the other fashion retailers.

But with an MVNO you are able to offer your loyal customers low data and airtime deals, set up loyalty rewards, tap into a huge database to offer deals that customers would value, and increase your brand loyalty together with your bottom line.

This part of the business, the cellular network part, is placed in the Mr Price money division with other product offerings such as credit and insurance.

Mr Price has made it a point that their cardholders are able to get special cellphone deals and rewards such as free data or airtime simply for using the Mr P store card. Mr Price is a cash payment-driven retailer, so they of course have to make sure their cash customers are catered for in the cellular market. This is why Mr Price offers budget and entry-level smartphones to their customers.

Mr Price has the following options for its cellular customers

  • Budget smartphones and feature cell phones for sale as prepaid. This means Mr Price customers can buy a cell phone on credit through their store account or pay in cash
  • Buy cell phones on contract. Customers can get a phone on a contract at Mr Price and get special offers available only through Mr Price cellphone contracts. Their cell phone contracts are available on the MTN and Vodacom networks
  • Pre-paid airtime and data, with special deals and rewards for Mr P store card account holders
  • Mr Price mobile sim-only deals, where customers can take advantage of special Mr Price airtime and data deals
  • Lay-buy a phone at any of the Mr Price stores

Contact Mr Price Cellular

WhatsApp: +27 64 584 1010

Toll-free number: 0800 212 535 / 0800 000 430



Contact Mr Price Cellular on Facebook:

Physical address: 65 Masabalala Yengwa Avenue; Upper Concourse; Durban Station Complex; Durban

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