Air Mobile

The Afrihost network

Afrihost is an Internet Service Provider (ISP) that offers internet for your home, business, and cellphone/router through their LTE sim cards. This means they are competing with the likes of Vodacom and MTN mobile networks to offer some of the best mobile and home data deals for cash-strapped, data-hungry South Africans. The internet services and […]

rain mobile

The Rain mobile data network

The Rain mobile network is a data-only network that provides uncapped data to South African consumers. It started as a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO), which means it used cell towers and the cellular network technology of other network operators to service its clients on the network. But with the advent of 5G technology rain […]

Clientele Mobile

The Clientele Mobile Network

The Clientèle Mobile Network is a cellular network from Clientèle whose customers who registered as Clientele Rewards members will qualify for discounted airtime and data as a loyalty benefit. Clientèle offers a sim card that connects to its cellular network and enables its rewards program members to save on mobile data and airtime with Clientèle […]


The me&you Mobile Network

The me&you Mobile Network is a SIM-only cellular network that offers a month-to-month plan for airtime and data to its customers. On offer is a SIM that is tied to a pre-paid plan, and with that plan, you can take advantage of their deals on data, airtime, WhatsApp data, and SMSs. Popular amongst their deals […]

Mr Price Cellular

The Mr Price cellular network

Mr Price knows its customer base quite well, and it shows that in the cellphones it has for sale. Inexpensive yet capable phones, deals on cheap data and airtime, 12 months contracts – a Mr Price customer knows that they can look forward to getting a good deal from their favorite retailer, and Mr Price […]