Data Bundles Guide To Mobile Data Contract

How to choose a SIM-only Data Contract that’s suitable for you

If you need 5GB of mobile data or more each month it becomes cheaper to get it bundled in a contract than to buy it on a prepaid SIM card. 5GB of prepaid mobile data valid for 30 days on MTN costs R299. A MyMTNChoice 80GB SIM-Only data deal bundled with 50GB of anytime data […]


The Cheapest Bulk SMS providers in South Africa – June 2022

SMS campaigns are some of the most effective marketing campaigns. They don’t cost very much, but with a lot of messages to send you will want to keep those costs down. Most of these bulk SMS gateway will provide you with bulk SMS API to integrate with your website or app, which is great for […]

Airtime MTN SA

The best ways of recharging your MTN airtime

Recharge your MTN airtime by buying, borrowing, or transferring airtime. Prepaid airtime is the value in Rands that you load on your MTN number so you can use it to stay connected with your world. If you recharge your MTN airtime for R25 or more the airtime doesn’t expire. Load airtime on your PayAsYouGo MTN […]

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How to share your MTN Data Bundles – The 2022 Guide

Share your data bundles on MTN using the USSD code *136*5#, in an MTN store, or in the MTN app. You can share your MTN data on prepaid or contract numbers as long as your price plan terms and conditions allow. Sharing your data means allowing a list of linked MTN numbers to use your […]

How To MTN SA voice minutes

Cheap call minutes: Buying MTN Voice Bundles for under R50

Recharging with voice bundles is an affordable way to make cheaper calls on the MTN network, and MTN goes all out to reduce call rates with a mix of promotional voice bundles and cheap call minutes. We’ve got a budget of R50, let’s see how many MTN call minutes get we get. How do MTN […]