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A traveler’s guide to South African mobile data

When you’re visiting South Africa don’t rent a WiFi router or SIM card for your mobile data needs, you should definitely buy one! As a leisure traveler, you’re not here for business so of course, you’re going to be cautious with your money. You’re not expecting to make too many international voice calls, nor receive […]

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A guide 2021 to Telkom Mobile’s home and mobile data plans

Telkom Mobile offers data plans on its fastest internet speed of LTE/LTE-A and includes home/fixed physical location data plans, mobile data plans, and data bundled in its inclusive value contracts. The data plans come with options of an internet-connected device like a mobile WiFi router, or those big home WiFi routers that are always plugged […]

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Getting a cellphone on the Telkom FreeMe contract

Telkom Mobile has put its best foot forward by offering the Telkom FreeMe cellphone contracts that are inclusive of monthly promotional data, data for WhatsApp, data for streaming, call minutes, and of course SMSes. They also offer a great choice of the latest smartphones from Apple, Huawei, Samsung, and OPPO. What are Telkom Mobile’s FreeMe […]

Telkom Mobile

The Telkom Mobile Network

Telkom Mobile is a very competent and much loved mobile network provider in South Africa. Relatively inexpensive data (brought to you by cheap data deals), decent network speeds, and good network coverage in urban areas have helped propel Telkom to be the third largest mobile network operator in South Africa. The Telkom Mobile network is […]