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Afrihost is an Internet Service Provider (ISP) that offers internet for your home, business, and cellphone/router through their LTE sim cards. This means they are competing with the likes of Vodacom and MTN mobile networks to offer some of the best mobile and home data deals for cash-strapped, data-hungry South Africans. The internet services and hosting services giant partnered with MTN to offer mobile internet to its customers, and that relationship quickly grew to an acquisition by MTN, a home internet solution called Pure LTE, and eventually expanded to voice services where Afrihost eventually started Afrihost Mobile, the name which later branded as Air Mobile network.

The Air Mobile cellular network

Afrihost is currently a bigger brand name than Air Mobile, with some most likely just referring to it as Afrihost Air Mobile, and Afrihost might like that a lot as they want that brand name out there. Air Mobile started out in 2018 using MTN’s infrastructure to provide voice and mobile data to its customers. Air Mobile uses MTN’s Mobile Virtual Network Operator platform for its mobile services. With the parent company known for its no-contract, month-to-month service the new cellular network also sold packages that required pre-payment including monthly airtime+data plans, data-only plans, and prepaid plans.
Afrihost also has another internet product, but as fixed home internet, called Pure LTE. This product works well where a customer does not a have fibre internet connection nearby but would like to use Afrihost’s internet solution. A fixed home LTE solution means that you will use a cellphone network to connect to the internet, but you are not able to use the same sim to connect to the internet from a different location because you are locked to a particular/fixed cellphone tower in your area.

Below are the Afrihost offers currently available network

  • Afrihost Pure LTE: sim, or sim+device
  • Air Mobile: sim only, with the ability to get a month-to-month prepaid plan or simple prepaid plan

The most important Afrihost contacts

Afrihost Accounts

Afrihost Support
0800 011 000
Whatsapp – 071 883 5005

Physical location

376 Rivonia Blvd

Moemedi Segoje

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