The best Samsung phones to buy in South Africa for 2022

Samsung cellphones have been the best-selling cellphones in South Africa in recent years, and, according to, have had a 48% share of the South African cellphone market share from January to March 2022.

Samsung releases every year a lot of new budget, mid-range, and flagship smartphones, so the choice is vast. And simply getting the cheapest, the most expensive, or the shiniest Samsung cellphone was also our first thought. But upon further introspection, we had to have a look at the phone’s capabilities to ensure it will serve our needs, instead of determining this ability by looking at the price and how sleek the phone looks. The prices reflected here are Samsung prices, and if you want you can learn more about how to pick a cheap smartphone here.

Best Samsung Budget Smartphone

Samsung Galaxy A13 LTE

CamerasMain camera 50MP, 10x digital zoom
Selfie camera 8MP
HDR video recording
RAM and StorageRAM Size starts at 4GB
Storage Size starts at 64GB
MicroSD (Up to 1TB)
Internet speed4G, Dual SIM
Screen resolutionFull HD (1080×2408) 6.6-inch screen
FeaturesFingerprint scanner under screen, fast-charging
PriceR2,999 on sale from Ackermans, locked to MTN
Samsung Galaxy Galaxy A13 LTE specs and price.

The Galaxy A13 is a budget phone that gives its user the smartphone experience at a much lower price. The Galaxy A13 smartphone has an LTE connection for fast internet speeds, an easy unlock function using its side-mounted fingerprint scanner, and it has a fast-charging battery as well. It takes great photos that would look great on Instagram and performs well on general tasks like watching YouTube videos or social media.

We recommend this for the average user who wants to browse the internet and get online for fun. This is a personal phone, we would say, and should be used as a smartphone for general use.

Best Budget Samsung: Galaxy A13 LTE 4GB RAM 64GB ROM

What about one of Samsung’s other best sellers, the Galaxy A32 4GB RAM? Well, the A32 has similar specs to the A13 but with an NFC and bigger (better) cameras. The performance isn’t a cut above the recommended Galaxy A13, and as it goes with budget smartphones, getting the best bang for your Rand will outweigh a nicer camera.

Best Samsung Mid-range Smartphone

Samsung Galaxy A53 5G

CamerasMain camera 64MP, 10x digital zoom
Selfie camera 32MP
4K video recording for Main and Selfie cameras, including slow motion video capture
RAM and StorageRAM Size starts at 4GB
Storage Size starts at 128GB
Internet speed5G, Dual SIM
Screen resolutionFull HD (1080×2408) 6.5-inch screen, with Super AMOLED
FeatureNFC for Samsung Pay
PriceR8,499 from Makro.
Samsung Galaxy A53 5G 32GB specs and price.

A smartphone in the mid-range needs to have great performance, great looks, and its flagship’s punch without the flagship price. It must have 5G internet speeds, 4K video recording, and a minimum of 6GB of RAM in order to handle gaming, and live video streaming, in addition to running multiple apps in the background, all wrapped up in a pretty package.

Those new pastel colours (the light-blue and orangey-peach colours) of the Galaxy A53 look great in the hand, and those curves around the camera look great! The Galaxy A53 produces great results when put to the task, all in a great ice cream-looking design.

Best mid-range Samsung: Galaxy A53 5G 6GB RAM 256GB ROM

Samsung Galaxy A53 5G in peach colour.
Samsung Galaxy A53 5G in peach colour. Source:

Other recommendations: Yes, the Galaxy A53 5G is a facelifted and tweaked Galaxy A52s 5G, so you can get that one, too. But, the A53 5G is a facelift. Get the facelift!

Best Samsung Flagship Smartphone

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

CamerasMain camera 108MP, 100x digital zoom
Selfie camera 40MP
8K and 4K video recording, slow-motion video
RAM and StorageRAM Size starts at 8GB
Storage Size starts at 128GB
MicroSD (Up to 1TB)
Internet speed5G, Single SIM
Screen resolutionQuad HD+ (3088×1440) 6.8-inch screen, with Dynamic AMOLED
FeaturesDual video call, Stereo surround sound recording, Desktop experience (DeX), Samsung Pay, S Pen
PriceR26,999 from takealot
Samsung Galaxy A53 5G 32GB specs and price.
Screenshot: Samsung flagship premium phones: The Galaxy Z Fold3 5G, Galaxy S22 Ultra, and the Galaxy Z Flip3 5G
Screenshot: Samsung flagship premium phones: The Galaxy Z Fold3 5G, Galaxy S22 Ultra, and the Galaxy Z Flip3 5G. Source:

The best flagship premium phones from Samsung include the Galaxy Z Fold3 5G, the Galaxy S22 Ultra, and the Galaxy Z Flip3 5G. But in terms of cameras, performance, and capabilities the Galaxy S22 Ultra is miles ahead of everything in the Samsung Galaxy world.

The Samsung Galaxy S22 range has great performance, a high-resolution screen, a really big camera, and all-day battery life. But the S22 Ultra take it all to the next level, with Samsung throwing all of its biggest mobile technology parts into it. For the ultimate in online gaming experience, multi-tasking,

Best Flagship Samsung: Galaxy S22 Ultra 12GB RAM 1TB ROM; OR the Galaxy Z Fold3 5G 12GB 512GB ROM, for its jaw-droppingly gorgeous design!

Best Cheap Samsung Smartphone

Samsung Galaxy A03 32GB

CamerasMain camera 13MP
Selfie camera 5MP
RAM and StorageRAM Size 2GB
Storage Size 32GB
MicroSD (Up to 1TB)
Internet speed4G, Single SIM
HD ScreenHD+(1600×720) 6.52 inch screen
Android 10 or aboveAndroid 10
Extra featureNo Face Unlock, or Fingerprint scanner
PriceR1,899 from Ackermans, locked to Cell C
Samsung Galaxy A02 Core 32GB specs and price.

The Galaxy A02 32GB is our pick for the cheapest Samsung smartphone simply because it does the job for under R2,000! This isn’t your high-performance machine your gamer child can use, but it can be your backup phone, your Gogo’s phone, your 7-year-old’s phone, or anyone who needs to send a video using WhatsApp once in a while.

The other phone to consider is the Galaxy A03 32GB LTE Dual SIM, which has a 48MP camera and is a bit faster than this A02 that we recommended, for around R2,199. But please, do not confuse it with the much cheaper, and much worse, Galaxy A03 Core. The A03 Core has an 8MP camera and is on Android Go, which is an entry-level operating system from Android.

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