The Cheapest Bulk SMS providers in South Africa – June 2022

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SMS campaigns are some of the most effective marketing campaigns. They don’t cost very much, but with a lot of messages to send you will want to keep those costs down. Most of these bulk SMS gateway will provide you with bulk SMS API to integrate with your website or app, which is great for automating priority messaging and notification messaging requirements.

These SMS providers will send your messages to all cellular networks in South Africa. So, how much would it cost us to send 10 001 SMSes to our subscribers? Here are their June 2022 prices:

Name of SMS ProviderCost per SMS including VAT
coretalkR0.22 x 10 001 = R2,200.22, plus R70 monthly SIM fee
bulksms.comR0.28 x 10 001 = R2,800.28 x 10 001 = R2,300.23
smsportal.comR0.20 x 10 001 = R2,000.2
ClickSMS (Cheapest)R0.19 x 10 001 = R1,900.19
SendEasyR0.22 x 10 001 = R2,200.22
Tic it telecoms (Cheapest)R0.19 x 10 001 = R1,900.19
Vox TelecomsR0.27 x 10 001 =  R2,745.32
SMS Marketing SAR0.22 x 10 001 = R2,200.22
List of Bulk SMS service providers in South Africa.

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