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Based on price, capability, functions, and purpose, these are the best but cheapest cellphones from Ackermans you can buy in 2024.

Ackermans sells electronic devices like laptops, decoders, routers, tablets, and of course cellphones, in its stores and online platform. Under its brand, Ackermans Connect, they sell affordable cellphones that include Huawei, Itel, Nokia, Mobicel, Premio, and Samsung. The cellphone brand Premio is exclusive to Ackermans.

The Ackermans Connect brand sells electronic goods.
The Ackermans Connect brand sells electronic goods. Image source:

Ackermans has available for sale basic feature phones, budget smartphones, and basic smartphones, which are mostly network locked, you may only get it with the network it is advertised on.

The network-unlocked phones are a bit more expensive, as one would imagine. While shopping at an Ackermans brick-and-mortar store in August 2023 for airtime, a SIM card, and a cellphone we received a positive service where our SIM card was RICA’d and inserted in the phone for us. A few minutes after leaving the store our new cellphone number was working and we could make and receive calls!

You can buy cellphones on the Ackermans online store using your Ackermans account, or buy it cash with your card, and you will qualify for free shipping to your home or workplace if your online purchase was R500 or more.

So, let’s explore the cellphones available from Ackermans.

Cellphones brands at Ackermans

Ackermans sells most major cellphones which are known to be affordable, and include:

  • Samsung
  • Huawei
  • Nokia
  • Hisense
  • Mobicel
  • Premio
  • Oppo
  • Xiaomi
  • The cheapest Samsung: Samsung Galaxy A03 Core for R1,799
  • The cheapest Huawei: Huawei Y61 for R3,199
  • The cheapest Nokia: Nokia 105 for R249
  • The cheapest Hisense: Hisense U605 for R499
  • The cheapest HONOR: HONOR X5 Plus for R2,399
  • The cheapest Mobicel: Mobicel C1 for R179
  • The cheapest Premio: Premio A15 for R189
  • The cheapest Itel: Itel A18 for R799
  • The cheapest OPPO: OPPO A38 for R3,999
  • The cheapest Tecno: Tecno Pop 5 for R1,699
  • The cheapest vivo: vivo Y02 for R1,999
  • The cheapest Xiaomi: Xiaomi Redmi A2 for R1,799

The cheapest cellphones from Ackermans

Ackermans has stocked its cellphone shop with practical, entry-level cellphones, keeping its range of cellphones cheap for those looking to spend as little money as possible. The phones may be classified as basic feature phones, entry-level smartphones, or cheap smartphones.

Cheapest basic feature phones

  • Make calls, send SMSes, and do other basic functions
  • Costs less than R500 cash
  • A long-lasting battery
  • Perfect no-frills phone, using any RAM size or space
  • Some have a small camera on the back or an LED torch

Best basic feature phones to buy

  • Most reliable: Nokia 105 4G (2023 model); Premio A15
  • Best capability: Itel 2160 allows dual SIM, 1000mAH battery; Premio A11 has 1000mAH battery and a small flash for the camera.
  • Best cheap basic phone: Itel 2160 for R179
Photo taken in an Ackermans store of Itel 2160 and Nokia 105
Photo taken in an Ackermans store of Itel 2160 and Nokia 105.

Cheapest entry-level smartphones

  • All basic functions, simple to use, have access to the internet, usually with a back and front camera.
  • For when you need the absolute minimum functions in a smartphone to send messages and pictures using WhatsApp
  • Costs between R1,500 and R500 cash
  • A low-quality screen, low storage, and Android Go 10 or higher
  • Best for small children, older people, and those who don’t use cell phones much but need a smartphone to keep in contact

Best entry-level smartphones

  • Best functions: Mobicel Neo Plus enjoys the use of LTE and Dual Sim. It is priced at R699, locked on the Vodacom network.
  • Best capability: Premio S88 has Android 12 (A newer version of Android), fingerprint unlock capability, and a long-lasting 3500mAh battery, for R1,299
  • Best cheap entry-level smartphone: Mobicel Vibe R549 (MTN network locked)

Cheapest smartphones

  • Costs between R1,500 and R3,000
  • Good main (13MP) and selfie (5MB) cameras.
  • At least 2GB RAM and 32GB storage, or a MicroSD slot.
  • LTE/4G data speed, great-looking design
  • Android 12 and above. The operating system must NOT be Android Go!
  • Extra features, like a fingerprint sensor or face unlock.
  • You can learn more about how to pick a cheap smartphone here.

Best cheap smartphone

  • Best specifications: Mobicel VX20 Pro, with a 128GB of storage space, for R1,999.
  • Best camera: HONOR X5 Plus, with a 50MP main Camera and HDR photos, for R2,399
  • Best cheap smartphone: Xiaomi Redmi A2 for R1,799. This Chinese brand has been producing a good amount of cheap smartphones that rival cheap Samsung smartphone lately! Try this Xiaomi as our best cheap smartphone to buy from Ackermans.

Which cheap smartphones should you avoid?

It is tempting to buy a cheap smartphone with specs lower than what we recommend, but you will soon find yourself frustrated with the daily use of some of these cheap smartphones. Phone manufacturers have flooded the market with cheap phones that use old technology, use Android Go, use old hardware, and are not usable with most apps. This is why you will find people always looking to install an old version of WhatsApp and Instagram because the old version of those apps is the only one that will work on their phones. Smartphones that have the below specifications should be avoided:

  • Android 9 and below (Including Android Go 10 and below). The operating system does not receive security updates and can never be updated.
  • 1GB RAM. These phones are slow and frustrating, and always freeze because they can’t open a lot of apps at the same time.
  • 3G internet speed. These phones have a slow internet speed and take a while to download images on social media or WhatsApp. The call quality is bad on 3G and 2G phones, so buy phones marked as LTE/4G for good quality calls.
  • The main camera comes with 8MP or less, or a selfie camera that is 2MP or less. Your photos will come out looking cloudy, and your chicken dinner will look like a brown blob on your WhatsApp status.

Can you lay-by a cellphone at Ackermans?

Ackermans accepts lay-by on cellphones and tablets. The lay-by purchase is over a period of 3 months, where you may pay a minimum 10% deposit and then pay off your device. To open a lay-by you should bring your ID to an Ackermans store near you.

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