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The South African discount fashion retailer Mr Price offers budget phones for sale online and in-store its cash customers and account holders.

A phone display cabinet at a Mr Price store.
A phone display cabinet at a Mr Price store. Randburg, December 2022.

The brands that Mr Price cellular carries include Samsung, Tecno, Nokia, Itel, Mobicel, and Hisense. They particularly sell entry-level and budget smartphones as the majority of the phones for sale are smartphones that are priced between R1,000 and R3,500.

The range of phones for sale consists of cell phones that have recently been released onto the market. When browsing through the website you will see phones that were recently released by manufacturers like Xiaomi, Vivo, and Samsung. The Samsung Galaxy A13 and Xiaomi Redmi 10C were released in South Africa in 2022.

A screenshot of the website showing cellphones for sale.
A screenshot of the website showing a selection of the latest cell phones for sale. Screenshot source:

Cell phone manufacturers have focused on expanding their markets by offering some of their budget smartphones at consumers in Africa. And as a continent filled with developing nations the manufacturers often find success in some of the markets.

Read through the rest of this guide for the best cheap feature phones and smartphones for sale from Mr Price Cellular.

Cheap basic feature phones

When compared to PEPCell and Ackermans, Mr Price Cellular has a relatively low number of feature phones to choose from. We counted only two phones. The bottom rung of cell phones is not really represented at Mr Price

Best basic feature phones to buy

Basic feature phones are always in demand because consumers are looking for:

Reliability: A reliable phone is durable and has a long-lasting battery

Capability: A few good features like a torch and radio

Best value price: Not particularly the lowest price, but a combination of a low price, durability, and good, useful features

Choose from:

  • Nokia 105 for R279
  • Mobicel C1 for R169

Cheap entry-level smartphones to buy

An entry-level smartphone can be considered a phone that is a step up from a feature phone, but:

  • Have a touch screen and a QWERTY keyboard on its screen
  • Are simple to use, have access to the internet, and may come with a camera on the back and front
  • They cost between R1,000 and R500 cash
  • Have a low-quality LCD screen, with a low-quality camera that shoots “cloudy” pictures
  • They will have a small RAM (from 512MB up to 1GB), low storage (from 8GB up to 16/32GB)
  • Will use the Android Go edition as its operating system
  • Mainly used as a cheap smartphone to use WhatsApp and play music
  • Best for kids, teenagers, or older people
Cheap entry-level smartphones for sale at Mr Price.
Cheap entry-level smartphones for sale at Mr Price. Screenshot source:

The best cheap entry-level smartphones to buy

Reliability: Nokia C1 for R999. Trading on its good track record of durability, you can expect the Nokia C1 to be a reliable and usable budget smartphone,

Capability: Tecno Pop 2X Plus for R999. The Tecno has a large battery, a big 6-inch screen, and 16GB of storage, making it a capable performer.

Best value price: Mobicel Force for R799. It has what you would need: sufficient specifications for an entry-level smartphone at a low price.

Cheap budget smartphones to buy

Choose the best cheap smartphone available from Mr Price by going through our handy cheap smartphone guide here.

There is a great selection of cheap budget smartphones on the website and in-store, and it includes the brands Xiaomi, Samsung, Tecno, and Hisense.

Tecno and Hisense are known for producing cell phones that are easy on the pocket.

The price sweet spot for a cheap budget smartphone is definitely under R3,000. If you can get away with a phone that was recently released, has the latest Android (not Android Go edition), has a good hi-defition screen then you’ve got a bargain smartphone in your hand.

Look for these specs when choosing a budget smartphone:

  • From 2GB of RAM, and over 32GB of storage, or a MicroSD slot.
  • A main camera that is at least 13MP and a minimum 5MB selfie camera.
  • LTE/4G mobile data speed.
  • An HD screen.
  • Android 10 or above (not Android Go edition).
  • Extra features, like a fingerprint scanner or face unlock.

The best cheap budget smartphones to buy

Capable and durable: Samsung Galaxy A03. For R1,999, you get a slightly larger 3GB RAM and a big 48MP camera. This is an entity point for Samsung smartphones, and it leads the tough budget smartphone competition, and a promise of better build quality from a reputable brand.

Best value price: Mobicel Legend Max (2022) for R1,499. It might not appeal to most people’s brand ambitions, but it is a bargain smartphone. Scroll through the full Facebook and Instagram on this Mobicel smartphone.

The Mobicel Legend Max smartphone.

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