The cheapest phones to buy at PEPCell in 2023

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Based on price, capability, and purpose, these are the best cell phones from PEP Cell you can buy in 2023.

Cheap PEPCell smartphones at a PEPstore.
A display of cheap PEPCell smartphones at a PEPstore. (21 June 2023, South Africa.)

PEPStore is a brand that is synonymous with low prices, and PEPCell phone prices are affordable for the ordinary person on the street, with over half of PEPCell phones below R1,000. The prices are equal to prices from other cellphones stores, with popular brands like Samsung and Huawei enjoying the front stage at shops, and all major networks represented with them. They sell contracts and prepaid SIM cards for all four major networks.

A PEPCell prepaid SIM cards stand at PEPstore
A display of PEPCell prepaid SIM cards for sale at PEPstore. (22 February 2022, South Africa)

From the most basic call-and-SMS phones (also called feature phones), and entry-level smartphones, to budget smartphones, PEPCell has a range for you.

They also have contract phones available, but they are locked to their respective networks: Cell C, Vodacom, MTN, and Telkom. Network-unlocked phones – phones that you can use with any cellular network – are mostly sold in cash.

A cellphone display at a PEPCell store. (20 July 2022, South Africa)

First, let’s explore cellphone offers from PEPstores in South Africa.

PEPCell has popular brands of phones and lesser-known brands, which prioritize affordability, practicality, and purpose over flashy and premium looks.

PEPCell has basic feature phones, basic smartphones, budget smartphones, and contract phones.

Cheapest basic feature phones

  • You’re able to make calls, send SMS, and other basic functions
  • Costs less than R500 cash
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Their uncomplicated design makes them feel like they can last forever
  • May or may not get a small camera on the back

Best basic feature phones to buy

Reliability: Nokia 105; Nokia C1; Quest Q24. Reliable with a long-lasting battery

Best value price: Nokia 105 for R229, locked to Cell C network.

Screenshot: PEPCell cheap smartphones under R500. Source:

Cheapest entry-level smartphones

  • All the basic phone functions are simple to use, have access to the internet, and usually have a camera on the back and front
  • Costs between R1,000 and R500 cash
  • A low-quality screen, low storage
  • Mainly used as a cheap smartphone to use WhatsApp and play music
  • Best for kids, teenagers, or older people

The best cheap entry-level smartphones to buy

Reliability: Hisense U40 Lite. More reliable than Mobicel or Itel. Or, rather get the Hisense U50 Lite for an extra R100 at R899

Capability: Mobicel Epic for R899(Locked to Vodacom) for its Dual-SIM capability and 32GB of space.

Best value price: Hisense U605 for R599 (Locked to Vodacom). The Itel V51 is rudimentary, but capable. A good alternative at R749.

Screenshot: PEPCell cheap smartphones under R1,000. Source:

Cheapest budget smartphones

A cheap budget smartphone will have all the basic functions of a phone, but with a better camera and a clearer screen. You can expect to get fast LTE internet with smart and beautiful designs. They are affordable smartphones with good features and cost between R3,000 and R1,000.

The cheapest budget smartphone from PEP include:

  • Huawei Y series phones – Huawei Y5 Lite
  • Samsung Galaxy series phones – Galaxy A03 Core; Galaxy A03s; Galaxy A22;
  • Nokia C series and Nokia G series- Nokia G10

The best budget smartphones

Reliability: Huawei Y5 Lite. Huawei phones are hard to kill

Capability: Xiaomi Redmi 9C. 64GB of space, a dual-SIM phone – these features beat the Samsung A03s

Best value price: Xiaomi Redmi 9C for R1,999; locked on Vodacom network

Screenshot: PEPCell budget smartphones under R3,000. Source:

PEPCell contract phones

You can find a cheap cellphone contract through PEPCell instead of buying it in cash. Pep stores will sell you a contract where they essentially will finance the cellphone, and then through Vodacom give you an inclusive bundle of data/airtime.

PEPCell has the Samsung A03 Core plus Vodacom airtime or R125 per month over 24 months on the RED Flexi 125 contract. You finance the phone over 24 months at R74 + R125 Vodacom = R4,776.

The contract seems fair because the cash price for the A03 Core is R1,799, and R74 x 24 = R1,776

The phones you can get under contract are limited, though. You may have to go directly to Vodacom for a cheaper contract phone.

Dual-SIM cellphones at PEPcell

Some of PEPCell’s dual-SIM phones include Samsung, Huawei, Hisense, vivo, OPPO, and itel smartphones.

Samsung’s older Dual-SIM phones have nano-SIMS that come as dual standby:

  • Samsung Galaxy A13 (2022)
  • Samsung Galaxy A03 (2022)
  • Samsung Galaxy A04s (2022)
  • Samsung Galaxy A03 Core (2021)
  • Samsung Galaxy A32 (2021)
  • Samsung Galaxy A22 (2021)

The cheapest Dual-SIM Huawei is:

  • Huawei Y5 Lite (2018)

It seems in order to not be left behind of the Hisense smartphone for sale at PEPCell in South Africa come as Dual-SIM phones:

  • Hisense U40 Lite
  • Hisense E31 Lite
  • Hisense U50
  • Hisense U40
  • Hisense U963

Some of the budget smartphone maker Mobicel’s phone are also available in Dual Micro SIM configuration:

  • Mobicel Venus Go
  • Mobicel Force LTE
  • Mobicel Berry 2
  • Mobicel Titan
  • Mobicel Pulse 3G
  • Mobicel Epic Pro LTE

Nokia-branded smartphones mostly boast a dual-SIM configuration. At PEPCell these include:

  • Nokia C1 2nd Edition (2021)
  • Nokia C20 (2021)
  • Nokia G10 (2021)
  • Nokia C30 (2021)

itel is a technology company that also produces TVs and smart devices. As seen with their phones they focus on the budget-end of the market.

itel dual-SIM phones available at PEPCell include:

  • itel AC13
  • itel V41
  • itel V41
  • itel A48
  • itel Vision1 Pro

Xiaomi Redmi smartphones are grabbing some of the market share from Huawei with their competent smartphones. And, most of the phones are dual-SIM, including these:

  • Xiaomi Redmi 9C (2020)
  • Xiaomi Redmi 9A (2020)
  • Xiaomi Redmi 10C (2022)

The OPPO range of phones are broad, but they are also a premium brand. The range of dual-SIM OPPO smartphones at PEPCell include:

  • OPPO A15 (2020)
  • OPPO A16 (2021)

The smartphone sponsors for the FIFA Soccer World Cup 2022 in Qatar, vivo, also have an upmarket series of smartphones which feature dual-SIM smartphones:

  • vivo Y21 (2021)
  • vivo Y15s (2021)

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