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Lycamobile is probably the biggest MVNO in the world currently, serving over 16 million customers across 23 countries worldwide, including South Africa, according to its website. The cellular network sells airtime and data to its pre-paid customers, but also sells special plans that have minutes instead of using airtime credit like you would on a pre-paid basis. It is one of the favorites of immigrants who want to make cheap international calls often. Using a Lycamobile to Lycamobile international call is the cheapest way to achieve this, with the cheapest calls being to Europe and the USA where it’s currently established, so the Lyca Group is establishing networks across the rest of Africa to offer the chance of cheaper calls from South Africa to the rest of the continent like it can with Europe and the States.

Lycamobile’s roots

Lycamobile is a cellphone network that has its headquarters based in the UK. It is a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO), which means it does not have its network infrastructure but rather roams on its partners’ networks in those particular countries. In South Africa, it has an agreement with Cell C to use its infrastructure and telecommunications technology to provide its customers with network services for making calls and using data. It was initially developed for the expatriate communities in Europe in 2006, ensuring that they’re able to make cheap international phone calls back to Europe from other parts of the world.

Lycamobile in South Africa

The Lycamobile Group owns the local South African Lycamobile brand, although of its other brands some around the world are under different brand names. The group has managed to expand its services after finding success within the mobile industry, going into other industries like finance and health. They are concentrating on increasing their subscriber base in South Africa, though, hoping it will be their doorway into the rest of the continent.

Lycamobile products available in South Africa

In South Africa, Lycamobile offers pre-paid airtime and data to its customers, but more specifically focuses on the international calls market, offering lower rates for calls to countries like the USA, China, and even Ukraine.

  • Pay as you go, meaning pre-paid credit
  • Top-up plans, meaning you pay a fixed amount from your credit and then get minutes/data that you will use to make calls/surf the internet

Get in contact with Lycamobile

Dial 135 from your South African Lycamobile cellular number
Dial +27654001140 from abroad

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