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The me&you Mobile Network is a SIM-only cellular network that offers a month-to-month plan for airtime and data to its customers. On offer is a SIM that is tied to a pre-paid plan, and with that plan, you can take advantage of their deals on data, airtime, WhatsApp data, and SMSs. Popular amongst their deals is the Unlimited Talk plan, which is a free voice calls plan aimed at only personal call use.

The me&you MVNO

Having been started out by the Durban-based Ignition Group in 2015 the me&you mobile network offered SIM-only deals to South African cellphone users. It is a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO), which means it has no physical telecommunications infrastructure of its own (like network towers) but rather uses another telco’s, and in this instance it MTN’s infrastructure through a deal with Cell C’s MVNO-enabling platform. me&you says you are also able to roam on Vodacom’s network if there’s no available network connection available in your area. Even though me&you has no physical infrastructure as a traditional mobile network operator does, it can effectively use the existing infrastructure facilitated by Cell C in order for its customers to use fast mobile internet and reliable voice calls.
Now, me&you has managed to take the entire business of being a cellular network, operating and interacting with its customers online. This, of course, has been copied and applied by other MVNOs since. It has become a successful blueprint for this kind of cellular network business. They have since been able to expand to offer home/fixed LTE using MTN’s network, a service that lets a user connect to one specific tower at a time, hence it becomes fixed and suitable only for home use.

The me&you mobile network offers its customers:

  • Month-to-month plan deals that include mobile data, SMSs and airtime
  • Home/Fixed LTE data deals
  • Pre-paid top up deals if you run out of data or airtime
  • All their deals come without a device (no phones or routers), but you get a SIM card that you can connect to their network on. You will also have an app that will assist you better in managing your plan. me&you mobile debits your card at the beginning of the month in order to allocate you your plan. Meaning you will have to cancel some specified days before the debit runs if you won’t be using their services in the coming month.

Contacting the me&you mobile’s offices

Operating hours:

Monday to Friday: 09:00 – 17:30
Saturday: 08:00 – 13:00

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