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Standard Bank of South Africa has joined the cellular operator revolution with its own mobile network called the Standard Bank Mobile Network.

Standard Bank cellular products
Standard Bank cellular products. Screenshot source:

The cellular network is actually a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO), which means it uses the technological infrastructure of a traditional mobile network operator to connect its customers to a voice and data network, but then does the rest of the marketing and selling, including setting the pricing for airtime and data.

They have been able to see a good uptake of their sim-only, sim+device, and home LTE products, and even rewarding their existing banking customers with cellphones or data as rewards using their UCount Rewards program.

The Standard Bank Mobile network is also using its cellular network as a sort of add-on to its products and rewards rather than a fully-fledged MVNO-based mobile network. At least that’s what it seems like as you can see this in the way they sell their airtime and devices, where you qualify for a certain discount if you have a certain type of account.

The higher the banking fees, the larger the reward. Having only started in 2018 Standard Bank’s telco has to do a lot of work to catch up with some of its counterparts in the banking industry. A year after operating it started selling a limited range of cellphones on a 24-month contract, throwing in discounts on data and airtime to try and get as many of its clients to take up its cellular offers.

What can you look forward to with Standard Bank Mobile?

The Standard Bank Mobile cellphone network was launched in 2018, and it offered its customers sim packages that included data and airtime. Its customers also earned data and airtime rewards based on their card usage. Standard Bank later added devices under month-to-month or 24-month contracts.

As their customer, you could qualify for an amount of airtime based on the account type you had with them, which translated into the fees you pay for that particular account. As an example, if you had a private banking account with them, you would pay your account fees plus R52, and then receive R369 airtime per month.

What is available from Standard Bank Mobile?

Standard Bank Mobile has the following solutions for their potential customers:

  • SIM-only deals. This means you will receive their SIM card for which you can load airtime and data. You also have a prepaid or month-to-month contract with top-up options
  • Device-only deals: Where you can buy a phone or tablet and pay for it right from your debit or credit account
  • Fixed LTE (Home Internet): Where you qualify for a device+data depending on your account type.
  • Top-ups are also available for these devices in case you run out during the month.

Most important Standard Bank Mobile contact details

Dial 135 from your Standard Bank SIM
Dial 0801 212 577 or 031 819 5321 from your mobile or landline

Physical Address

5 Simmonds street, Selby, Johannesburg, 2001

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