Vodacom WhatsApp data bundles

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Check out this guide on how to buy and use Vodacom’s WhatsApp data bundles.

One of the ways to use WhatsApp on your phone is to buy data bundles that Vodacom calls WhatsApp Tickets, which are special WhatsApp data bundles that are available for use only on WhatsApp on your Vodacom SIM card, and this is how they work: you will be able to chat, send videos and pictures, update your WhatsApp status, watch other people’s WhatsApp statuses, and send voice notes. With WhatsApp bundles you won’t be able to make WhatsApp voice and video calls

But people have found that because you can send voice notes you can still use your voice to chat and make it possible to hear a loved one’s voice. WhatsApp voice bundles consume very small amount of data and are a popular way to chat using WhatsApp bundles if you can’t make use of WhatsApp calls.

Buying Vodacom WhatsApp data bundles

To buy Vodacom WhatsApp data bundles you must convert your airtime to WhatsApp data bundles using a USSD code

Cost of bundleAmount of dataValid for how long
R110MB1 Hour
R350MBUntil 12 am
R5250MBUntil 12 am
R13300MB7 Days
R371.2GB7 days
R402GB30 days
Cost of WhatsApp data bundles. Source: My Vodacom app

USSD code

  • To buy WhatsApp bundles on Vodacom dial the USSD *123*43#. You can also dial *135#
Vodacom USSD Code *123*43#. Source: Vodacom SIM screenshot

Using the My Vodacom app

  • Go to your My Vodacom app
  • In the app tap on the “Buy” button
Buy WhatsApp data bundles. Source: My Vodacom app
  • Under Buy tap on the “Social Bundles” button
  • Under Choose a category tap on the “WhatsApp” button
Buy WhatsApp data bundles. Source: My Vodacom app
  • Select and tap on the WhatsApp data of your choice
WhatsApp data bundle of 10MB
WhatsApp data bundle of 10MB. Source: My Vodacom app


  • Q: Why can’t I see some Vodacom WhatsApp bundles that are available to some Vodacom subscribers? A: Vodacom bundles are available to subscribers based on their subscription type. If you’re on a Vodacom contract your offers will be different offers to a prepaid subscriber. We believe this is determined by Vodacom’s algorithms amongst other factors.

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