Where to get your FNB Connect SIM PUK number

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A PUK is short for PIN Unblocking Key, which is a key used to unblock a SIM PIN blocked from any further entries. After three tries a SIM PIN gets blocked from any more tries as a security measure against unauthorized use. But, if you as the rightful owner have blocked it by mistake or want to change your SIM card’s PIN, you can block your SIM PIN and then use your PUK code to unblock the SIM and create a new SIM PIN.

FNB Connect’s SIM PUK can be found on the FNB banking app. We checked if there was any other place to view our PUK, but it was not available from customer care number 135, on the self-service USSD code *147#, or the FNB online banking portal. We got a tiny bit concerned because you will not remember your SIM Pin every time, so we asked FNB’s RB Jacobs (twitter.com/rbjacobs) how we can go around this. RB Jacobs said we could also check our cellphone banking or banking app.

Find it on the FNB banking app

To view your FNB Connect SIM card’s PUK in the FNB banking app:

  • Log into your banking app
  • Open the menu tray and tap on the Connect item
  • In the Connect menu, select your SIM card
  • On the SIM card’s page scroll to find Product Information. The PUK code is shown under SIM information
FNB Connect PUK in FNB banking app.
FNB Connect PUK in FNB banking app. Source: FNB banking app.

Find it through the FNB Connect customer care

We called the FNB Connect customer care number 135, and followed the prompts to Services related queries, SIM card services, and then PUK. We were offered to be assisted to reach the PUK number on the website or FNB banking app by following navigation instructions while on the phone. This means you won’t be able to call from a friend’s FNB Connect phone number and get your PUK code that way.

Since FNB Connect uses Cell C’s tools, we thought to call Cell C’s customer care to get the PUK code, but Cell C responded that it does not have our FNB Connect’s number on its network.

Find it in the FNB cellphone banking channel

FNB says we can view our SIM card’s PUK code using cellphone banking. Our FNB cellphone banking is linked to our Vodacom number and not FNB Connect’s number, so we dialed *120*321# on it to reach FNB cellphone banking. We logged in and followed the options to reach option 6, FNB Connect, but we were only given SIM management options with no option to view our PUK.

FNB Connect PUK is not available in SIM management.
FNB Connect PUK is not available in SIM management. Source: FNB cellphone banking

Find it on the FNB website

Since your FNB Connect profile is also available on the online banking channel you should be able to see your Connect SIM card’s details online, but when we browsed the website the PUK was not available under Connect SIM management. This was more or less confirmed by RB Jacobs in their reply to our query:

RB Jacob's response to CellyGuide's question on Twitter.
RB Jacob’s response to CellyGuide’s question on Twitter.

We will update this page if FNB Connect posts the PUK code in more places.

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